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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
This blog is in tandem with my blog about my experiences in the Church of England

The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I just had a good lunch break.
I went to the community meal with my voucher, they made me very welcome and got me hot dogs and lemonade and a mug of soup.
It was quiet and well organised so everyone had space. Nothing scary or panicky, which was what I had been worried about.

a few people introduced themselves and I had a cup of tea with them.
I like it. I like good lunch clubs and community meals, because that is where you meet salt of the earth people, some have learning difficulties, some have mental health problems, some are just lonely, isolated or hurt, and a place like that does them great good.
So I have been invited to the next meal on Saturday, which will be a roast dinner! And I am told i don't need vouchers any more, i should just come to every meal on Saturdays and Tuesdays :) I suppose I had better overwinter here eh?
The lady running the meal says she will bring me a roll mat on saturday, which will be handly, I have done well with my scheme to keep my bit of cardboard all this time but eventually I will lose it, I save it in the dustbin, dry and safe, and every time the dustbin is put out I swipe it back. I have kept it for weeks like that.

Anyway, after lunch I went to church and ended up with the usual coffee and conversation.
I asked the church if I can sit in there for part of tomorrow as the library is closed tomorrow.
So I will go to morning prayer and communion as usual tomorrow or maybe miss communion for a shower, and then I will sit in there and maybe get some writing done.
The weather is due to be bad all of today and tonight into tomorrow morning, but with temperatures staying mild.

Everyone is asking about my stick and I cheerfully tell them it is to poke people who annoy me.
Do any of you remember me doing that before in recent years? :) It is still funny.

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