This is a merge of my 'Wanderer' blog that tells of two years of my three years on the streets, and a new blog that tells of my life after the Diocese of Winchester ripped through my life for for the last few years on top of the previous serious harm that left me homeless
This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
This blog is in tandem with my blog about my experiences in the Church of England

The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

Where is norty?

Fave place in the world for a bankolody brekfuss. But the windy knicksmygrub.
St. Ouens looks great from this angle, no? :)

Friday, 27 May 2016


The other night I dreamed about you.
Not in any inappropriate way.
I dreamed that you were well and strong.
You could speak.
In my dream you were talking, in the dream you talked like you talked.
You didn't stop for a breath or to let me speak unless I reminded you to.

In the dream I didn't want to let you go, just wanted you to be there, talking to me.
You were wearing a blue shirt, because that is the only memory I have of you,
apart from when you were in the awful hospital clothes.
In the dream you told me about Jersey and your family and a boat.
I didn't mind what you talked about,
all that mattered to me was that you were well and you could speak.

Then I woke up and I cried.

Trying to live with what happened to you,
with no-one to turn to is killing me
I will never forgive myself
and I feel so helpless.
Because I can't do anything to help you.
and it is only a matter of time before the same happens to me.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

public service announcement

Dear readers,

The blog stats are huge at the moment, it feels like there is a hungry little pack of stats slavering for me to say something.
What am I meant to be saying? :(
If you want me to comment on the new Church of England safeguarding propaganda campaign in the press and the church rag times, what can I say? They are narcissists who glorify themselves off the back of victims and Paul Butler has been replaced by someone younger and prettier but who horrifyingly has exactly the same voice and vocabulary as him.
Does that help?

You know stats are misleading right? I can see my old stalker stat popping up on the blog every few minutes, wassup stalky? I missed you.
Other frequents are a few CofE's and a mysterious 'wellingborough, Northants'? Hello Wellingborough, your stat may be bouncing so you may be elsewhere but thank you for your recent interest, I am very boring really, I talk about Hollyoaks and cleaning the flat and very dull stuff :)
Jersey has been back in force on the blog in the last few days, hello Jersey, beloved island, I like throwing toilet rolls off Fort Regent. Other people don't so much like me doing that.
I am not sure what people are looking for on the blog, but I am in a state of constant tiredness and pain, struggling to the finish of my first year as a full time degree student.
I am happy that people are reading my blog, it makes me happy. I hope it is worth it.
You can email me if you want to know something I am not writing.


Good morning peeps,
The sun is shining rudely to itself.

Yesterday I had fun clearing a garage and a shed while the rain poured outside.
I promise I didn't eat any spiders, I was very good.

I got home with end of term papers and tutorials in the plan for the rest of the day.
The Bishop of Winchester trashed that plan. Stupid man.

The rest of yesterday was spent in a daze. Doesn't the Bishop understand that I am doing my end of year papers and Wednesday is Tutorial day. He likes to contact me on the same day each week, it used to be Friday.

I am now behind on my draft paper that I want to take to tutorial this weekend.
I am struggling to helm because the Bishop is like a norty little storm who keeps throwing the boat all over the place. I have to decide between tutorial and music lessons this weekend, and because it is end of term and I want to get my papers right, I am so tempted for tutorial, but I was off sick from music last weekend because of the Bishop, so I am in danger of having to quit music lessons, which is catastrophic for me.

Can someone get the Bishop to understand that even if he is following orders, he is seriously disrupting my life. He still isn't registering the human impact of his actions. It astounds me that he doesn't want responsibility for the harm that he has done, won't even engage with it, let alone step down. What would Jesus Think?

Do long term readers remember the Bishop sending me a message saying 'no unsolicited intervention, confirmed'? And then he and Jane Fisher launched on me with the NSPCC?
In case you are wondering what is going through my mind. I know he can lie, and I know it isn't his decision to do what he is doing now. It aint over.

Anyway, better weather now, so, gardening this morning and probably this afternoon if the grass is dry enough to mow. You see I have my work to catch up on and the Bishop has taken away the time I had to do my end of term papers.

This morning I was at the shop early and the rounds and bundles were ready, so I was home by 6.40.
Now I want a shower, breakfast and Hollyoaks.

Have a sing-song for the man who won:

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Can someone ask the Bishop of Winchester to stop emailing me, my exams are being ruined.
When he emails me I suffer shock and can't focus and nothing gets done.



Good morning peeps,

Well I am tired and the Church are rumbling like an underground train. It is Jersey which is rumbling now, which is much more worrying. I like underground trains but not churches.
Underground trains rush along with bright lights and I thoroughly approve of that, I want to go and play with the underground trains.
Richard was an underground driver, he told me all about it. He used to put his mug out the window for tea at Holborn.

Yesterday I was tired but I had coffee with my mate, and I worked on one of my end of term papers quite satisfactorily.

Hollyoaks has been very dramatic, I watched it and the preview last night, Mercedes showed utter courage that was admirable, she isn't as shallow since Gabriel died. I think Mercedes won her life through her courage and care, but there was that funny moment with the chess board
'oy, stop knocking my prawns!'

I wish I could win my life from the Diocese of Winchester, but to be honest, if I did, that would be when I died anyway, because their noose has been choking me since I was 19 and I don't know anything else, when they remove the noose my neck is broken anyway, do you understand that? It is predestined that I die at their hands and I agree to this at the price of the diocese of winchester being shattered, for the sake of children and the vulnerable and their welfare and safety. The Diocese of Winchester is a monster that uses God's name in vain for it's evil.

'Je Suis Bob Hill, Je vais me battre jusqu'à ce que je tombe , avec courage'.

Anyway, on a lighter note, it is pouring with rain and I feel tired.
I slept well and got up early to do the papers, I will have to stop doing the hotels because there is too much pressure, the boss will be disappointed.
I am tired but progressing with my end of term work, Today is rain but I have work clearing out a shed and a garage, ooh what fun, cobwebs, dust and HUGE HAIRY SPIDERS! :)
Huge hairy spiders are good, they save me the cost of buying dinner, crunch crunch crunch.

I can imagine new readers reading this with horror and saying 'The Jersey Deanery are right, she is utterly nuts!' :) The fact that I can imagine that kind of says I am not nuts. But I am driven mad by the Church of England's stupid and cruel harm to me.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Good morning peeps,

You will have noticed that I have been using this blog for posts about the Church.
The other blog has become hard for some to navigate and I need to think what to do about that.
The information needs to be more easily accessible to people who are taking an interest now.

This is still the daily blog.

You will be pleased to hear that yesterday I completed and submitted one end of term paper despite disruptions here. In the background the circumstances with tenancies where I live has changed and I have given my notice, which is sad, because you know I was happy here, but it is time to move on.

I have two more exams and two more end of year papers to do.

You will never believe this but I forgot to collect my washing yesterday, the laundry people laughed this morning, and said it wasn't surprising during exam season. I also forgot to take statements over to be transcripted, but that can wait, it startled the transcripter though, he messaged me and I explained that I have been overwhelmed and trying to do too much, he is very nice so he doesn't mind.

I slept a good night's sleep and scrambled to do hotels and my round, the hotels have to be done early for the night porters and I think it is too much pressure for me, so I may ask if I can quit that, the thing is, the shop don't want me doing two rounds as they rely on me for sickness cover for other rounds. Anyway, depending on where I go to live, it may not matter. I would like to stay here but we shall see, if the church go on harassing me, I will sleep rough again.

The weather is fair, it can't make up it's mind.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Good morning peeps,

In remission but very muddleheaded.

It is urgent that I prepare my end of term exams or I will fail after all that hard work.

I can't work out how to prepare my exams, do my work or deal with the massive crisis that the Church of England have created.

However, it is a sunny day and the flat is very clean and tidy.

I don't know how to arrange anything or where to start.

I slept well, woke bright and early, and did the hotel bundles as well as my round. I know the hotel clerks from when I have done delivery driving and distribution and they are very nice.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Serious formal complaint against the Archbishop of Canterbury

Serious formal complaint against Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and the Bishop of Winchester. Complaint addressed to Graham Tilby and Jane Dodds of the Church of England's National Safeguarding Unit with copies sent to 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, the National Child abuse Inquiry and the Press and media who continue to advertise and glorify the Archbishop at the expense of abuse victims:

Dear Graham Tilby and Jane Dodds and other recipients,

I understand that the Church of England have for some reason felt the need to pretend to care about my welfare recently, suddenly and too late.

Unfortunately the Church of England's relentless and severe damage to me means I see this as a farce; and while defamatory, misleading and untrue reports and articles about me by and on behalf of the Jersey Deanery are still available online and in circulation, and while no-one in my case has been dismissed or even reprimanded for their behaviour, the Church's sudden and belated pretence of care is distressing and not remotely credible. The Church have had years to put this right and have continued to oppress or ignore me instead.

As you will be aware, I made a clergy discipline complaint against the Archbishop as well as Bishops Butler and Dakin 2014. And as you must be aware, the Clergy discipline complaint was not dealt with due to there only being a corrupt and ineffectual system. Indeed I was threatened by Mark Hedley, who claimed he could not understand the huge volume of evidence of the Bishop of Winchester's serious misconduct. 
As I said in reply, if he really could not see what was before him and really thought he could make veiled threats to protect the Bishop, he should resign. Incredibly the case was then offered to the conflicted Archbishop who had overseen the Bishop of Winchester's harm to me and condoned it.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's persistent showing off in the press has become unbearable, he has told the whole nation that he is a narcissist and he has lied enough about the Church and Safeguarding, when will he be asked to be quiet? His narcissism is unfair on the victims that he and his church has made suffer. And in my case, the Archbishop of Canterbury is directly responsible for my continued suffering, and has openly upheld the wrongdoers in my case, especially Bishop Dakin and Bob Key, as you will have seen in Bob Hill's recording of the BBC Jersey interview in the link a few paragraphs down.

The Archbishop isn't credible in making statements regarding 'Bishops being committed to safeguarding' while he has overseen and worked with the Bishop of Winchester in publicly destroying,  discrediting and defaming me, leading to severe and irreparable harm, not just to me, but to Bob Hill, the man who singlehandedly tried to prevent me from being killed by the Bishop, Archbishop, church and press and media's actions.

This evidence in the link above shows that while Welby is actively protecting the Church by misleading the general public through the press, giving the image that the Church cares about safeguarding, which it does not. He himself, Justin Welby, has actively harmed a vulnerable adult. The Church, with the evidence now presented, are obliged to take action, and if their 'safeguarding' measures have improved, as repeatedly boasted by the Archbishop in the press, then he himself must now face disciplinary action under those measures.

Most recipients will have seen my 'Letters to the Press' articles now, the first of Which is actually to the Prime Minister, but unfortunately the Guardian Newspaper is persisting in Publishing the Archbishop's 'safeguarding' propaganda while I remain suffering, and I object.

Here is an open letter version of a summary of 'Letters to the Press' which is online with my other open letters in order to protect me from further harm from the Church of England. I am voiceless, and the only way I can try to protect myself from the relentless defamation of me is to publish these things. 

Part of the purpose of this letter is to ask once again for the resignation of the Bishop of Winchester, who's prolonged harm to me has been public and full of blatant misconducts and even illegal actions. And also, as the Archbishop is aware of my severe distress at his narcissistic showing off while he has played a significant part in destroying me, I am also asking him to resign now as well. 
And I would ask Her Majesty the Queen and also The Right Honourable Prime Minister David Cameron, to ensure that these men do leave their posts as they have shown psychopathic disregard for my welfare and safety whilst using the Press and Media to glorify themselves.

I would also ask for the annulment of the whitewash reports and a genuine apology from the Church to be made public.

I am exhausted from years of fighting for my safety and suffering trauma and fear with rogue journalists and cranks harming me as a result of the Bishop of Winchester's insane actions in launching a one-sided whitewash into the press about my case, condoned and upheld by Bishop Butler and the Archbishop.

The smears and attacks on me on top of homelessness, destitution and illness caused by the Church, have repeatedly nearly led to my suicide. 
And if I had committed suicide, the Church would have continued to abuse me and my case, as they did with one of Peter Ball's victims who committed suicide. Paul Butler tried to glorify the Church by 'praising' this dead man, which was disgusting. 
Although in my case, if I had given up the fight instead of taking the Bishop to court, the Church of England would have published more whitewash reports without taking any responsibility. 

And this has happened under Archbishop Welby's direction. So nothing has changed since Paul Butler and others protected Peter Ball when he was in office. This is why I am asking the press, the Prime Minister and the Queen again to ask Justin Welby and the Church of England to stop abusing the press.

Justin Welby cannot credibly continue to talk about Safeguarding and abuse while he has been involved in the abuse of a vulnerable adult through mis-use of the press and whitewash conflicted internal Church of England reports.

Repeatedly and for show, the Church have shown this inward-looking effort of 'meeting legislation needs' through trying to force their version of 'help' on me illegally, while publicly destroying me. They really do not have a clue about safeguarding, and it was safeguarding director Jane Fisher who damaged me more than my abusers by trying to silence me to prevent press scandal.

This letter is another plea for the resignation of the Bishop of Winchester, and the Archbishop as well as he continues to be deceitful in the press and mislead and hurt people, and it is a reminder of my letters to the press about this, and it is also a reminder to the Church of England that because they are incapable of safeguarding they need to arrange outside intervention, and also they need to arrange an independent investigation into my case, an investigation that includes me this time!

Also, because the stress of fighting the Church singlehandedly to stop them killing me caused Bob Hill a severe brain haemmorage, and he was the sole carer for his disabled wife, I believe that the Diocese of Winchester owe Bob and Anne payment for their care for the rest of Bob's life.  The Bishop of Winchester seems totally oblivious of the human cost of his and Welby's actions against me and the lasting damage not just to me but to the Hill family, while the Bishop's actions have achieved nothing whatsoever for safeguarding, the opposite in fact. I remain living in fear and in hiding.

Would someone ensure that I am fully and permenantly safeguarded against harm from Bishop Dakin and Archbishop Welby and that their whitewash reports into my case are legally annulled, redacted and removed. This includes the Gladwin report, the Steel report and the Glenys Johnstone Jersey safeguarding partnership report which was also engineered by the Diocese and other agencies to cover up. This is a vulnerable adult's life at risk as I won't withstand any more defamation or lies about me in public.

I am going to end the main letter here and provide you with a few pages of links regarding my case below my signature. Please read the comments on Bob Hill's blogs as well, they tell stories in themselves. Also remember, Bob didn't know me when he started writing these, and he didn't ever meet with me and hear my story but based his blogs on the Korris whitewash and what was going on in Jersey.


Bob Hill's blogs on my case:
I am going to put Bob's most recent letter first to show you just how recently the Archbishop of Canterbury has been unpholding corruption by meeting in the press limelight with Abusers and their protectors while shunning their victim:

Please see this letter for one form of Dame Steel's conflicted actions:
This is my guest Posting on Bob's Blog:

Bishop Dakin has threatened me a few times


Good morning peeps,

Well yesterday I was so tired that after Back to the Future I just fell asleep.

I had an interesting night's sleep because although I thought I slept peacefully, bedding and other items were scattered madly all over the room in the morning.
I woke only briefly at 4am, but I slept again, peaceful and comfortable despite the bedding whirlwind.
I dreamed of Jersey, the cliffs at Grev d Lecq, I dreamed of the tide and the rocks and the beach.
I used to love to swim and coasteer at Grev, and have breakfast there. Maybe again this summer.
I also dreamed I went to see an old employer and had some tea with them.

It was hard to get up this morning, I was tired and peaceful and comfy.

I did the papers, and the shop want me to do the hotel bundles for extra money, may as well.
it is a warm and sunny morning.

The flat needs a sort out, but what I think I will do is gather some assessment material and have a study breakfast up the road.
I will start the flat and my music practice during the Hollyoaks Omnibus.

I am tired but I am going into remission.

There is something wrong when safeguarding join in

More than three years have gone by of the Church of England ignoring my distress, now they want to play. And I have no idea why. This is Jane Dodds emailing me on Thursday.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Stand down may mean less posts for now.

Anyway, Yesterday I simply fell asleep on the unmade bed at about 5pm, and didn't wake until the neighbour's kids were chattering outside at about 9.40pm.
I didn't know if I would sleep again so I sat here for a few hours before going back to bed.
I did sleep again, waking only briefly in the early hours and sleeping again until it was time to do the papers.

It has been a sunny day, and eventually I went out for a drive, everything is spring green in the sunshine, it was nice to be out.
My energy is low and I think I will sleep after watching 'Back to the Future' or part of it. Apart from that and painkillers and inability to type, I am kind of OK, well no I'm not but in a way I am. the terror and fury has calmed into exhausted calmness. I am floating in a bubble.

The flat needs sorting out, but at least I got the laundry done, I had to stop the staff and customers kidnapping my toys though, most of them wanted the owl rather than Patrick and Suzy. I don't know the Owl's name. The toys have come back clean and fluffy.

I remain very puzzled about the Bishop of Winchester and who put him up to this attack. He and Senator Gorst are both spineless lesbian sock-puppets who only act when they are told to. Any ideas? Obviously something is at stake for the Bishop, to contact me when he knows my feelings about it.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Bob Hill Jersey Blog

Or one useless abuse survivor, Bob, you twit.

Courtesy of Photopol - The Bishop has fangs but he will never have HG's claws and teeth

How the Hell did that get there?

Friday, 13 May 2016


Good morning peeps,

As you can see, I am once again awake when I should be asleep, which means I am still in relapse.
I do not feel good at all and this is before I look to see what the Bishop of Winchester has done to harm me.

At the moment every day is like floating in a meaningless nightmare that won't stop, won't slow down and let me go. I can't count time or work out what I should be doing, I am exhausted, I am confused and I am frightened.

Yesterday my mate wanted me to go over to his house, he even offered to send a taxi, I am upset because he knows I am in distress and I can't stop his concern. He wants to help but I am so tired that all I can do is stay here in a daze and occasionally go out and sit on the wall with my cup of coffee. That is how life is at the moment.

How many days have passed? It is only Friday, the Bishop attacked on Wednesday. It feels like a lifetime has gone by since then.

My end of year papers are facing serious issues if I do not recover. And I have not done any music practice this week so I am going to have to cancel this week's lesson.

I need to sort out the car exchange and a lot of other things, but I can't think straight.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

New Open Letter to the Bishop of Winchester, Bishop Tim Dakin

Formal letter of Warning to Bishop Tim Dakin.

Dear Bishop Dakin,

This letter does not annul previous letters, it re-iterates and reinforces them.

Incredibly I nearly wrote to you a few weeks ago to ask you not to attack me during my exams, but because I was becoming accustomed to stony silence from you (which was no bad thing) I decided to chance it and not waste another letter.

  The fact that it had been six months since the last attack rather than the usual four both worried and reassured me. 
But I am aware that while I live and the Diocese stands, the attacks will not stop, which is why I am writing to remind you of my formal warnings to you and the court action which I will repeat more powerfully if you do not desist from harming me. In the end, my life is at stake and your career is at stake, which of us is going to fight more desperately?

Let me be clear in what I am asking. What you have done to me is evil and cannot be either absolved or repaired through an apology, which, knowing you, has not been made for the right reasons but will undoubtedly be motivated by other people, deceit, PR or some reason that does not relate to your sorrow for your abominable behaviour. Had your repentance or genuine remorse been a factor, then actions would have accompanied your apology, including a press release and a statement of redaction of your whitewash reports.

If you continue to cause disruptions which cause breakdowns of my health, work, accommodation, studies and relationships then I will continue action against you until you stop or are removed.  Your actions are destroying me.

And if you were in any organization other than the Church of England you would have already been dismissed, the Church are incredibly lawless and psychopathic in what they allow, condone and refuse to deal with among their clergy.

To me, after what you have done, a message from you, claiming to be an 'apology' is just an attack. It is woefully, pitifully inadequate to 'apologise' by email, and it is not accompanied by any atonement or resolution, and thus you are not apologizing because you are not taking responsibility.

I hold you responsible for my poor health and my situation of living in fear of your whitewash Gladwin and Steel reports and that contemptible whitewash by the conflicted Stewart Gull, Glenys Johnstone, Ian Gorst and Jane Fisher. I charge you with the responsibility of annulling these reports publicly, and if you can't, then what exactly are you 'apologizing' for?

Your apology is not accepted until or unless the wrongdoers in my case face justice, and as I have said, please make sure a list of my complaints is taken, it is exhaustive both in names and in crimes and misconducts, let me start you on a list of examples including Diocesan and Bishops staff, clergy, laity, Churchwardens and others:

  • ·        Joyce Cockell - perversion of the course of justice, dishonesty leading to harm to a vulnerable adult, false testimony,  safeguarding failures, breaches of the data protection act, etc

  • ·        Gavin Foster and Martyn Sanders, the same as Joyce Cockell
  • ·        Jane Fisher - the same as Joyce Cockell, and Bitterne Parish and the Bishop of Southampton for upholding her and leaving the congregation open to her abuse.
  • ·        Helen Gunner, the same as Fisher and Cockell
  • ·        All Diocesan staff involved in the perversion of the course of justice, deliberate harm to a homeless and destroyed vulnerable adult and lies to police and courts between 2010 and 2011.
  • And:
  • ·        Bob Key,
  • ·        Gavin Ashenden
  • ·        Tracy Bromley
  • ·        Mark and Teri Bond
  • ·        Judith Davey
  • ·        Phil and Heather Warren and relatives
  • ·        Paul Brooks
  • ·        David and Bridget Shaw
  • ·        Ian LeMarquand
  • ·        Neville Brooks
  • ·        John and Sue Harkin
  • ·        Mike and Lindy Taylor
  • ·        Peter Ould
  • ·        Philip and William Bailhache
  • ·        George and Jill Lihou and associated facilitators of their harm to me
  • ·        Jon and Anna Honor
  • ·        Michael Birt
  • ·        Gerard LeFeuvre
  • ·        David Capps
  • ·        Robb and Janet Averty and all assistive protectors and facilitators
  • ·        Juliet and Fred Montague and all assistive protectors and facilitators
  • ·        Margaret Fowkes
  • ·        Jill Aussant
  • ·        Jennifer and David Brown
  • ·        Tim Sledge
  • ·        Jax Machin
  • ·        Juli Wills
  • ·        Julie Wallman
  • ·        Bruce Willings
  • ·        Glenys Johnstone
  • ·        Stewart Gull
  • ·        Heather Steel
  • ·        John Gladwin
  • ·        Christine Daly
  • ·        Hampshire social services
  • ·        Justin Welby
  • ·        John Sentamu
  • ·        Trevor Willmott
  • ·        Daphne Green
  • ·        Mark Hedley
  • ·        Batt-Broadbent
  • ·        Luther-Pendragon
  • Paul Handley and Madaliene Davies
  • ·        Paul Townsend and all clergy and members of Winchester Churches together who aided Fisher and Scott-Joynt in Destroying me to cover up for themselves on my return homeless and destroyed to Winchester in 2010.
  • ·        Elizabeth Hall, Jane Fisher, Jill Sandham, Paul Butler - on the understanding that they have already faced action but I do not know if they will continue to be a risk to the vulnerable.
  • ·        All others who have been involved in harm to me but who's names escape me or are not known to me.
  • Some not named out of courtesy
  • ·        All authorities in Jersey who have harmed me or protected people who have harmed me. Including the Lieutenant-Governor, your lawyer, judiciary, States members - memorably Juliette Gallichan and friends, and all doctors and support services and professionals who harmed me for Jane Fisher or because of her interventions, not least Autism Jersey, Victim Support, Mental Health Advocacy and the Grace Trust.
  • ·        All members of the press and media, especially Matthew Price, who the church protected when he destroyed his clergy wife and then he repaid the favour by destroying me for the Church in 2009.

 As I have mentioned this list is exhaustive and includes EVERY corrupt or brutal police officer, judge, lawyer, member of clergy, laity and Bishop's staff and member of the public who has harmed me, slandered me or caused me distress or isolation or shame or pain.

Unfortunately you are entirely liable, as Bishop of Winchester and as the Bishop who destroyed me publicly. I would like you to refrain from further harm to me and instead start work on your legal and disciplinary action against the people in this list.

You are to ensure that the Jersey Deanery are adequately reprimanded for their dangerous, deceitful and unChristian behaviour as well as the Winchester and Andover Deaneries. And also you are liable to ensure that they are trained in safeguarding and inclusion as it has been clear from the continued and relentless attacks that they have no understanding of safeguarding, abuse or vulnerable or marginalised people. Thus the risk of abuse and cover up remain high.

I look forward to witnessing your work and making sure you have my evidences, and receiving the genuine apologies of those named above along with your genuine apology in due course as well as recompense, clearing of my name and the assurance that I can live in peace, safety and freedom from fear.



This is very sad, but at least I know I may be able to end this hell being inflicted by the CofE


Good morning peeps,

I am now suffering severe relapse and surveying the damage of being contacted by the Bishop of Winchester.

I regret not acting on the faint Bob Hill thought that I had the other week, of writing to the church and warning them not to disrupt my exams. I did consider it, I nearly did it, but the church don't listen to me, and I was so busy, I didn't. And as a result my studies are catastrophically disrupted. Yesterday's shock meant I missed the most important tutorial of the year that was for guidance on my biggest end of term paper. But that prat at Winchester doesn't care, he has been advised by PR and The Powers That Be, to fake an apology and thus pretend everything is alright. It isn't alright. Sally, does he always fake it? I know he is an impotent Bishop as well as him being a lesbian, but...

As those of you who know me will have noticed, I went into relapse as a result of witnessing a serious road accident while preparing for a major exam and then making a long journey to take the exam. The relapse has been doubled as a result of that prat at Winchester and I am really unwell now, I can't work when I am this sick and it makes living hard. I suppose the Bishop doesn't give a damn about that as long as he can tell whatever idiot told him to 'apologise' that he has apologized.
Nothing has changed, it is the same deceit and PR as before.
But relapse or no relapse, I am going to slam against the Church of England with every atom of my soul until they stop.
I may be like Sampson bringing the pillars of the temple down as he died, but I will bring that Godless Corporation, the Diocese of Winchester down as they kill me.
This is a pledge and with no doubt that they do not intend to stop attacking me, this is what will happen, I will have my teeth in their throat as I die.

It is raining again, and my customer has just sent a text to move the gardening to next week. Phew, I am not fit to work, so the rain and the customers being proactive makes me look less unfit for work.

Well peeps, welcome to the hellmouth, there is no good to come of this, none.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Further Correspondence with the Bishop of Winchester


You will stop emailing and go to hell now Bishop Dakin you pathetic spineless deceitful corrupt coward, you will stop harassing me or I will contact the police, via letter, to the Chief constable, do you understand me? Your money to buy police, courts, lawyers, press etc will only stretch so far, you do not have the same limitless power that the Jersey Deanery have and I know it so  go to hell and stop attacking a vulnerable adult and I PROMISE YOU, I WILL BRING YOU TO JUSTICE IF YOU CONTINUE TO DEFAME AND ATTACK ME, I PROMISE YOU, WITH MY LAST BREATH I WILL BRING YOU AND YOUR KINGDOM OF DECEIT AND LIES AND ABUSE OF POWER DOWN.

IS THAT FULLY UNDERSTOOD?! I won't stop until you are silent, even if it takes my last breath.


DAKIN, IN 2013 I MADE A COMPLAINT TO THE POLICE ABOUT YOU, IT STILL STANDS AND IF YOU EMAIL AGAIN I WILL REFRESH THAT COMPLAINT VIA EVERY SENIOR MEMBER OF THE POLICE FORCE IN THIS COUNTRY, YOU WILL STOP. I will not stop until you are silent. You have decided to destroy my university studies again so I will give up my life to ensure you are removed.

This email is CC the authorities and witnesses that the last one was also circulated to, and this will also be posted on my blogs.
Time I came out from the shadow of the unchristian church of england's condemnation of me and destroyed my destroyers. I may die but I am tired of living broken and in fear of repeat attacks.

Does your email contain petty threats like before and if so, shall I post the last lot of your THREATS online for the world to see?
I have a lot to post if you don't SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP HARASSING ME.

To all witnesses, the Bishop of Winchester is now blocked from emailing me and I will be treating his correspondence as harassment and will take full action against him and Welby despite their abuse of power of courts, judges and lawyers unless his attacks stop. If he defames me with whitewashes, he does so with full knowledge not only of what he is doing but also that he is breaking the law.
Dakin I am going to play a game to see how far I can circulate my response to your attacks today.
Please resign immediately.
By the way, have you told the Jersey press that you have apologized to me and not the Dean? Hang on, let me do that for you.