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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hello bloggy type peeps.

Yesterday evening I went and found the other homeless lady a slab of cardboard, then I went and helped with fete preparations and then I went back with my new friends to sleep on their rug.
We had home cooked egg and chips and lots of tea, and then I wandered around the rug and fell alseep.

I woke in the early hours in distress, I went to the loo and one of the dogs gave a bark.
I went back and tried to sleep but I was getting distressed.
I wasn't too hot, this house is nice and old and has cold drafts to keep me cool, but I was simply having the terrors because of being indoors.

I slept again and woke when everyone else was up, I ate copious amounts of toast and drank gallons of tea as mugs of tea kept appearing as we talked.

Then I went to the post office to get some money, and I climbed up the bak to the sea and watched the raging wind whipping the sea into a snarling foaming frenzy.
Then my friend was going to drop me off to make my own way back here because I had physio booked.
I got to the train station but there was a problem on the line and everything was delayed, oh no, last time I had physio there were bus problems and I missed my appointment.

The station staff directed us all onto a train that we could get to another station where we could change and get to our destinations, but the trains from that station were also delayed or cancelled and I got a bit worried.
Eventually a train came in, and I was lucky and got a seat and got back to my town.
There was an hour and twenty minutes before I was due for physio, so actually I had done well to get  back.
I went and tried my luck with the shower, and the lady wasn't there but someone else let me in and arranged for me to have a shower.
I was very relieved, my hair was filthy with more than a week's worth of grease and dirt, and I wanted to be clean and shaved for the physio. So I managed to get clean and sorted, then I went into town, hurried into the pound store and got knickers, mouthwash and spray deodorant, I used some mouthwash as I walked but there was no time to change my knickers or spray deodorant in my boots or trousers.

I went to the bus station, the buses are so erratic and silly, the one I was waiting for didn't turn up, but there is a new route and a bus on that goes to where I needed to be and that bus came in and I got that, the man didn't really know where I was talking about but I knew he stopped there so I got that bus.
I got to the physio on time but the guy was running late, so I went to the loo and changed my knickers and sprayed deodorant and gargled more mouthwash, so I was highly respectable.

Then it was time for physio and I told him all about it and he said it is scar tissue in the damaged ligaments that is causing the main problem because it is seizing everything up and causing pain so everything locks, he said I was very clunky because it had seized up.
Cheek! No one has ever called me clunky before!

He was a nice man and he talked about gardening as he tortured me, then he plugged me into a machine with electrodes and suction pads and this was supposed to ease the pain and encourage circulation through the bad area.
He told me what to do to prepare my leg to take my weight before I stand up in the morning and before I stand when I have been sitting for a while.
The physio has made a difference and I am going back for more next week.

I came back into town, church was closed and I had a cuppa from the van and chatted to a lady who was working in the church garden.
There is no sign of the other homeless woman.
The weather is dire, well I like it as long as I can sleep though it at night. Strong winds and rain.

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