This is a merge of my 'Wanderer' blog that tells of two years of my three years on the streets, and a new blog that tells of my life after the Diocese of Winchester ripped through my life for for the last few years on top of the previous serious harm that left me homeless
This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
This blog is in tandem with my blog about my experiences in the Church of England

The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Monday, 15 January 2018


Good morning peeps,

It is raining and howling, the sea and sky and hills and town are just grey.

I hoped to sleep better after having Airplane! on DVD up to bed time, I hoped I felt safer, but although I slept slightly better, I still had nightmares.

But I had nightmares about the church's police, the ones who attacked my home the other year. I dreamed they got me and were trying to have me put away as mad. I was so angry and scared.

The problem is, I woke up no less angry or scared, because it is a reality that the police keep acting for the church and keep making me out to be mad.

I reminded the police of my complaint this morning, but they will ignore me, they always do. My initial complaint to them after the seige of my home the other year simply led to repeat attacks and jeers.

This is what I sent to the police, from my book 'Fugitive' which I am working on.

Fugitive, hated, unwanted, you wake from nightmares again, and there is no comfort, nowhere to turn for help, and your thoughts are like wounds.
Waking from nightmares there is no-one there, everyone who used to be there was taken or has gone.
Condemned without a voice to answer the condemnation, as if there can only be one side of things, the condemnation.
In the nightmares they say that you are mad, try to put you away, so that their wrongdoing never comes to light, you are branded, for life.

When you wake, there is no comfort, because there is no safety.

Every day I chatter aimlessly about what I am doing, but the reality of my life is that paragraph from Fugitive. 

I can't do much in this bad weather and I don't even feel like writing, I will do my best to write, and I will do an evening shift tonight.

Please excuse the daft stories on this blog and the other yesterday, it cheered me up.

Sunday, 14 January 2018


Hey peeps,

The funny stories are mainly on the other blog, there is one on here.

I am feeling sleeping and being in pyjamas, because I laughed so much that I cried and it made me tired.
I accidentally stumbled upon that funny story generator that makes awesome spoofs.

Anyway, yesterday I worked in the garden until it got dark and I was tired, so I had a shower and put pyjamas on and watched Short Circuit while I wrote.
I am still very slow with this piece I am writing, I am on 1,500.

Today was a quiet day, I did very little except housework and sorting out invoices and writing, and watching things on television, including Mel and Joey.

At some point I decided I could bear any more bad tea, so I went to the big supermarket and got descaler and sugar. Candarel and a very scaled up kettle meant tea tasted foul. I don't mean to use sugar, but I will have to find something better than candarel as it is foul.
The kettle is descaled and tea is sweet again.

I had an hour-long walk on the bay this evening, very peaceful. But I am at a loss, I still haven't worked out how life works now. The bad experiences of last year have profoundly affected me and winter is a difficult time for a gardener, especially one who is also a struggling writer. Although I get plenty of space and time to write now, trauma makes it more difficult.

Anyway, I did the most delicious jacket potatos at lunch, and the most boring beans on toast for tea.

I am making good progress with sorting my things out, I have just two boxes in the store to bring home and sort, and one at the farm.
I have airplane on in the bedroom on DVD, the lounge TV has lost signal for some reason, but I thought I wonder if it will help me to settle and sleep at night if I have my Lesley Neilsen videos on at bed time, or 'Are you being Served', something familiar and safe but which roots back to the walk in the dark in Jersey, which remains the root of my fear of sleep and night.

The weather looks bad tomorrow, so I may stay in and write. I will do an evening shift.

I have the farm for a week in two weeks time while they are away, and they said I can stay at the farm if I like, which I do, I love being up there.

Oh everyone has been emailing me recently, lots of nice people, thank you nice people, it is good to hear from everyone.

Denver Elle,

I wish that was you landing on my blog from Colerado, maybe it is your ghost.

The Church went on destroying me while you've been dead, and Bob collapsed defending my life.
And still the church didn't stop. They had to remove Bob Key but they pretended it wasn't what it was, and upheld him in the press and media, he ficticiously went to other positions in the church and never turned up in those positions. Probably because while he is in prison he can't really do church duties.

Last year they used a vicar and an organist who claimed to be survivors, to destroy me again and then yet another attempt against me with the police while macsas continued their age-old tradition of viciously destroying me on behalf of the church.

I am still here but the damage is bad.

But do read my funny stories.


Way too much fun...

No serious work is getting done here, but at least the laughter is making me cough my lungs so they clear.

Stupid Justine Welbie

A Short Story
by JJ. Nortyperson

Justine Welbie looked at the ugly brush in her hands and felt tripping.
She walked over to the window and reflected on her damp surroundings. She had always hated deadly Canterbybothered with its tasty, thoughtless twisted spires. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel tripping.
Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of JJ Nortyplonker. JJ was an uppity porcupine with shining face and bald ears.
Justine gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a stupid, unbending, wine drinker with skinny face and sad ears. Her friends saw her as a curious, chubby crackpot. Once, she had even revived a dying, elephant in the room.
But not even a stupid person who had once revived a dying, elephant in the room, was prepared for what JJ had in store today.
The rain hammered like dancing horses, making Justine furious.
As Justine stepped outside and JJ came closer, she could see the clumsy glint in his eye.
"I am here because I want closure," JJ bellowed, in a mindboggling tone. He slammed his fist against Justine's chest, with the force of 1117 dingbats. "I frigging hate you, Justine Welbie."
Justine looked back, even more furious and still fingering the ugly brush. "JJ, you guttersnipe," she replied.
They looked at each other with cheerful feelings, like two rabblesnatching, rainy rats crying at a very unbalanced funeral, which had jazz music playing in the background and two sparky uncles jumping to the beat.
Justine studied JJ's shining face and bald ears. Eventually, she took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, but I can't give you closure," she explained, in pitying tones.
JJ looked hateful, his body raw like a clean, curious cauliflower.
Justine could actually hear JJ's body shatter into 1882 pieces. Then the uppity porcupine hurried away into the distance.
Not even a glass of wine would calm Justine's nerves tonight.

Auto Praise for Stupid Justine Welbie

"I feel like I know Justine Welbie. In a way, it feels as though I've always known her."
- The Daily Tale
"About as enjoyable as being hailed on whilst taking in washing that has been targeted by seagulls with the squits."
- Enid Kibbler
"Saying the rain hammered like dancing horses is just the kind of literary device that makes this brilliant."
- Hit the Spoof
"I could do better."
- Zob Gloop

Saturday, 13 January 2018


Good lunchtime peeps,

Yesterday was a strange old day. I didn't feel too well.
I started some gardening here and after an hour it was pouring with rain, so I came in and lay down as I felt so tired, and I slept for several hours with disturbed waking dreams.

I didn't eat, and I went to work in the evening having not eaten, and didn't realise until I got the shakes.

They got me some food at work, and it was tasty and I felt better. I ended up working a long shift again and getting home late and tired, I know it makes me too tired, but I am a disabled gardener in winter and I have to earn a living.

I had a slightly troubled night, I slept better but still not well, and I woke feeling unwell like yesterday, headache, sore throat etc. I must register myself as having media scare flu.
I am also still limping, and my neck is stiff, I need a new machine and I need physiotherapy. I have emailed the physiotherapist for an appointment.

I am also still having the winter chest infection problems, although it hasn't edged close to pneumonia since before Christmas, I took a strong course of meds then, and as soon as I finished, the fluid started coming back, so I have meds every morning to clear my lungs. Still, it isn't long until spring now.

I thought I was working tonight but I am not, I am only on the rota for weekdays now, so I am off until Monday.
I am going to do the garden here and maybe have a dog walk tomorrow, but apart from that I will try to rest, sort my things out, and write.

I went to town to the bank earlier, had breakfast in town as well, and then went to the bay. The sky is low and the Great Hill is glooming, but the waves are lively, there are kite surfers out.

Friday, 12 January 2018


Good morning peeps,

Last night I walked along the bay, the waves were crashing down and booming. But I can't make it like it used to be, before the church destroyed me.

I watched television for the first time in ages, Hollyoaks is still dragging out the pitiful Scott and Damon and Ryan and all the rest of them stories, hasn't anyone hinted to them that it is time for some fresh stories?

I had a really bad night's sleep, the same shallow sleep, discomfort and nightmares of recent times.
I gave up and got up at some point. I drank tea in the dark and went down to the sea.
Then I went to the gym to discuss starting training again. I don't want to, I see no point, but despite everything inflicted by the church, police and press, I go on trying to do what's best for me, which isn't an easy task when you are a fugitive and in poverty.

It is misty out there, or foggy, not as bad as the other night, and the sea is big and grey and near calm except for waves breaking on the sea wall.

Today I hope to unload some more stuff from the car, do some gardening here, and work an evening shift.

Oh I am doing some writing. I did a thousand words last night as I watched television.

Thursday, 11 January 2018


Good afternoon peeps,

Well last you heard from me, I was going bowling.
And it wasn't so traumatic that I stopped updating the blog, no it was a great evening and I am just lazy.

I started out bowling a bit clumsily, and thought it wasn't my day, but I improved, and by the end of the first game I was in the middle, with two behind me and two ahead.
In the second game I remembered how to bowl, and I took the lead and kept it, and stormed to a great win.
Not boasting peeps, I used to love bowling, but my ability is variable since I don't play often.
We had fun, and I had two pepsis, while the others drank and stayed on to drink, I didn't stay for drinks after the games.

Yesterday the scar tissue in my shoulder nagged me about bowling all day.

Yesterday I woke up to my landady rattling about the house, she went round the garden with me to get a list of things for me to do, and we found out we had both experienced the same bad dentist in the past, the one who gave me an ulcer that needed medical treatment had made a mess of taking her tooth out. She has a private dentist now and I have an excellent NHS one, who is as good as a private one.

In the afternoon I went to the farm, I collected some of my stuff from the barn, but I was also on farm duties, and it was my first dealing with the new poultry, they are a bit chaotic, but in the end I managed to get everyone fed and put away before going into town for my driving shift.

It was so quiet for the first 20 minutes that I sat in my car and read my annual.
Then it took off, and I ended up working quite late, but at least it earned me the money for the rent. My rent is weekly and I have been here a week.

I had more dreams about my family, and nightmares about the church and police, at the moment I am very distressed at night, I should be on 5HTP but that makes dreams more vivid and I am a bit scared of the side effects, the tight headache and the doziness.


I have no work at all today.

I went into town to the bank, and now I am cleaning the bathroom, I cooked chops as a late meal, and I have stuff to unload from the car, and other odds and ends to do. There is always housework.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Good morning peeps,

I am tired.

One of the main roads is closed, which is going to make it a difficult day for manouvers. How do you spell that? Manoovers?

Yesterday I went and did some tidying up in the care home before my evening shift, and that earned bme my petrol money. Money had run low where I was off work from Thursday to Monday, and the care home pays cash on the day in return for a hand-written invoice for my work.

Anyway, then I went into town, I was early for my shift and it was cold, so I sat and drank tea and read a 'Simpsons' annual, which is what I happened to have with me.

The shift was mainly quiet. When I started they had nothing ready, then there were three deliveries including two farms, and I thought 'uh-oh!' farms can be hard to find, even with postcodes, and if I started with three, was it going to stay that busy?
No, while I was doing those three, there were no messages, and when I got back, I had an hour of nothing, so I read my annual as best I could in the car light and street light, the print is so small in the Simpsons annuals.

The other deliveries of the night were just four more local ones, very easy. I worked a full shift but just 7 deliveries, it was a bit cold and boring, I got hot drinks and read my annual, but I didn't dare wrap up in a blanket in case I got sleepy.

After work, I went and did a major grocery shop, the move and lack of work and money meant I was nearly out of everything.

I came home and fell into bed tired.
I slept and I dreamed about my family, vivid but long ago dreams, my dad was alive and my brother was still young. The dreams were painful, sad, but very vivid, and as I write this, I am still waiting for them to wear off.

Today I have no work booked, no evening shift, a day off. I plan to wash the bed linens, wash my clothes, take it all to a laundry tumble dryer as I don't want damp clothes or a damp house, and then hopefully sort some of my things out at the lockup and here.
I also need to do some paperwork and things, and this evening I am supposed to be bowling with the gang.

Monday, 8 January 2018


Hey peeps,

I am tired.

This morning my landlady came round early because their shower is bust and she wanted a shower :)
So I woke up to the heating being on, which is rather warm for me. At least I slept reasonably well, I am managing without my machine for now, but I must replace it before the gardening season kicks in and pain increases.

It is a cold grey day here.

I haven't felt very lively, so all I have done is some writing, some cooking and some housework. I was hoping to get some work done at the care home before my evening shift, but I don't know now. I need petrol money, I am down to a few pounds.

The sea is grey, the sky is grey, life is grey.

I hope it gets better. I am hoping to go bowling with the gang tomorrow night, lets see if I actually do! :) you know me, they will be placing bets on whether I cancel.

I was watching Titanic on the laptop last night as I wrote, and Big Bang Theory was on TV, and then Titanic came on TV, so I switched it off on the laptop and watched it on TV.

Sunday, 7 January 2018


Good evening peeps,

The blog is statting up so I guess I had better be polite and update, even though there isn't much to say.
This terrifying disorientation remains, anxiety and depression, which triggers flashbacks.
To be honest being on the Great Ship bay doesn't thrill me, it reminds me of the years that the church were at the hight of their hate attack against me in the press and media. I would rather be back out in the district where I was, I felt more comfortable over there.

I did very little today, some writing, and finished reading 'Under the Dome'. watched a bit of TV, did some hoovering, looked at the sea, got some groceries. The sea was big waves, the wind has been howling.

I am really lost and ill at ease at the moment, it does happen, but I guess being on the bay is going to remind me of the height of the horror of the church destroying me.

Saturday, 6 January 2018


Good evening peeps,

Well I have continued to be disorientated by the move and struggling. There seems to be too much time and space and nothing to do.
I guess the fact that Christmas is over, I am in a new home and am now off work until Monday is all part of it.

The sea has still been fierce but the storms have had a break. Over last week there were roads closed and sea walls breached and all sorts of things. I didn't do as I used to and be very interested in it all, no, part of me is still asleep because of the severe trauma of the church, which affects me every day and always will.

Anyway, I wandered up to the mail centre, I made them laugh because there was a letter to me from the house of commons and I made rude remarks about the Prime Minister being too clingy and always wanting me round for tea.

Apart from that I have been writing, and also reading 'Under the Dome' which I hope to finish tonight.

I also went to get groceries and petrol, and I went down to the bay a few times.

I feel disorientated and lost and frightened, I want company, although I am not making much effort to find it. I did go round to see my peeps at my old house as I accidentally took a key with me, and they made me tea and made me welcome, I will be staying in touch with them.

Friday, 5 January 2018


Hey peeps,

You can see the waves coming over the sea wall from here, which isn't great, because we are up the hill from the Great Ship Bay. When I drove along the seafront earlier, waves were coming over, but right now they are throwing themselves almost the height of the buildings down there. It is impressive, but we have had quite a bit of sea damage now. Similar to Jersey. Harhar.

Would be good If Jersey had a nice tidal wave, got rid of the nasty little politicians and clergy, so it could all be started again with a clean sheet. I am not supposed to say things like that, and I will have annoyed emails about it.

I hear that Jersey are trying to borrow the air bridge to get supplies in, I think that shouldn't be allowed until Jersey's corrupt dictatorship and nazi police force are dealt with, Jersey leeches off the UK enough while whimpering about being independent.

Anyway, as you know, I moved back to the Great Ship Bay yesterday.

It was a relatively easy move, but of course I got tired.

I couldn't get Max washed because of the high winds.

Settling in has been OK but I feel disorientated and at a bit of a loss.
I went up to my store to get things earlier, I have storage for my gardening tools here at the new place.
I went and briefly did some work at the care home, mainly clearing leaves and storm damage.

And here I am. I have been down to the bay a few times last night and today. I have also been reading 'Under the Dome' which is keeping me occupied and calm, and I am sitting here in the lounge, with the panoramic views, and writing this, and reading 'under the dome' and the local paper, I don't know which is worse.

Last night I had nightmares and got too hot, but I was more comfortable than I have been for a while.

Lots going on in the background but nothing to tell you at the moment.

The weather has mainly been bad, but at the moment the skies are clear and the sun is shining.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Thursday Early Morning

Good morning peeps,

Well it is early, and the wind is being windy still, when it was scheduled for a break, tell it off.

The sea will be nice later, what was I told about surfing in my car?


I slept through the night, although the dreams turned to flashbacks as I woke, sometimes the grim reality of being a fugitive with no access to medical help and branded and in fear of the police becomes overwhelming, and it can never be put right, it was shocking of Jane Dodds to whimper about the church not meaning to hurt me and how she and Graham Tilby wanted to 'make everything like it was before'. What the Church of England do and say is indescribably evil and deluded.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I slept through the night, reasonably comfortably, not needing treatment this morning, which is good because the heavy machine has broken and they cost a bit to replace!

And today I move back to a home with views of the bay. It feels strange, scary, and 'wobbly' as my old counsellor used to say.

I am tired now as I was up by six and I worked a full shift last night, a steady shift but with some long runs to rural properties, no glitches in finding anywhere though, and the weather was better.

Looking at the local forecast, the wind was due to drop, but now it is galeforce all morning.

I have had my shower and breakfast and packed my kitchen and bathroom stuff. My peeps here seem a bit emotional, dunno why. Ha, probably imagining it.

Just got to watch films, and later I will pack the car and head off, no hurry, loads of time.

I forgot to say, I did stay up for the new year fireworks, as usual I watched the London ones while the local ones were going off outside. I hate the music they play with the London fireworks, it is always too loud and totally trashy, it reminds me of the old days at North Walls, when they used to play Handel's Fireworks music too loud and most people didn't even know what the music was. Back then they used to mess us about keeping us waiting for the fireworks.
Hey, they still do, it's a tradition.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Hey peeps,

Demob happy but tired. The weather evened out for a peaceful evening.

The blog stats have shot up. Why? What are the bar-stewards doing now?

Well here we are.

Last night I slept badly again, but got up and wasn't sleepy today.

I did the washing.

Watched films, and watched as the battering storms burned themselves out.

We had some storm damage and trees down locally, but nothing remarkable.

Well I have a few days off after a long run of stressful work, those who don't keep up, this is my winter work, delivery driving in the evenings.

I have worked and worked and got so tense and tired, but tomorrow I move house, and I have a few evenings off.

Tomorrow Max is having a thorough wash, he has worked hard in the bad weather without a wash for weeks. He is mucky.

The move is a simple one, looking stress free at the moment, hopefully it will be.

Just watching the end of The Green Mile again, and wishing I didn't identify with John Coffey's words so much.

' I'm tired of this world and people being ugly, you will be doing me a kindness'.


Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Good evening peeps,

I had a rather stressful shift last night and the stress carried over, I had a restless night and terrible flashbacks.

I am tired, but I am due at work in a few hours and I don't want to sleep in case I oversleep.

This stormy weather is already coming in. It just seems to have been ages of wind and rain now, it gets tiring.

Today I went to the farm and took a load of stuff to the tip and charity shop, I am almost done getting rid of stuff, to be honest when it is all done, I will have nothing in the barn, and my small lockup won't be completely full. I am quite pleased how it has gone. And the system at the tip is much easier to understand now, so I can cope with it, they used to be mental up there.
The charity shop seemed happy with the good quality books that they got.

I came home and had jacket potato for my lunch and now I am trying to relax before work, this seems to be how my days go. I wish I was moved and the gardening work could re-start and I could have more days off.
Hopefully Thursday will bring all these things. New home, a proper shift rota for the evening work, a few days off, and next week if the weather is better, I will start booking gardens in, I have the care home, a new garden, and two regulars ready to book in.

Earlier I did shopping too, toiletries, coffee, peanut butter, and the obligatory 'Thank you' cards for the people who made Christmas special.

Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year's Day

Good morning peeps,

I have had the laziest morning ever, mainly spent in bed or watching Mr Stink, again.

This morning the weather was wild and I woke up from vivid dreams and forgot them.

I got up very slowly and lazily, didn't have breakfast until midday, saves on one meal but not a good idea.

The sun is shining and today is set to be better weather now.

I woke up in some pain, I can't support my head very well and the driving shifts in the evening tense me up. So I have to do the heavy machine a few times a day at the moment.

I will take the dog for a walk, but not much else before work. A quiet day. Maybe some Nanny McPhee to liven it up.

I am not getting much writing done despite my plans for the holidays to be about writing.

I still haven't got the courage or energy to do the Year 2017 thingy. Years have only gone downhill while the church have been destroying me.

Did you know, that Korris creep who kicked off the church's public destruction of me and hasn't been done for harassment or removed from working with the vulnerable or counselling, spams my blog every time she is mentioned. Sad or what?

Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year...

Happy New Year!

55 minutes to midnight, and I am exhausted but safe home after a long hard shift. No real near misses with drunk drivers. I did pass a police car that had stopped a driver, and the police were lurking nosily around. I saw the police dog handler from where I used to work. I had pulled out the bins to clean behind them one day and accidentally obstructed her car as she drove in, I told her I didn't mean to obstruct the law.
I wish she didn't look so unhappy.

Anyway, wandering off track there.

I am home. Exhausted and trying to stay up another 50 minutes to see in the new year, with so little hope, so little of anything, that I wonder why I am doing it.

Anyway, I am actually writing to tell you, that as with all the usual traditions, the look back on the year has been delayed, and will be out within the next few days.
I know, my three traditions, the prayers, the revolutions and the look back, have gone to pot. It has been a tough old year, again, the impact of previous years, the domino effect, hasn't gone away.

The wind and rain are howling, and I am thinking of the rough sleepers at this time. Christmas is tough enough, but with this weather it is a nightmare.

Sunday afternoon - the revolutions

Good evening peeps,

Well I am doing my best to keep my on-blog Christmas traditions going, although it is hard, the damage by the church and their police has left me worn down.

Anyway. This afternoon I went up the farm to sort out my stuff in the barn. There are now three piles, keep, tip, and charity shop. I am improving on my ability to sort stuff out.

The farm had a consignment of new poultry, so I got to meet them and chat to my farm peeps. Lovely.

I came home via the supermarket, a few groceries, the rain and wind have been non-stop. I am just watching TV before work. Work starts at 5.15 and will be flat out for New Year's Eve, yesterday was a steady shift but tonight may be mad and with bad weather and dangerous drivers.


New Year's Revolutions.

It is hard, but I will just copy what I wrote in my notebook. Yeah, someone got me a notebook for Christmas, in the hope that I will stop scribbling little notes and lists on scraps of paper and leaving them lying about. Killjoys, I like leaving a trail of scribbled notes and forgetting where they are.


  • New Home
  • New Car
  • More Work
  • Make a Difference
  • Help my adoptive brother and his orphanage more
  • Pray More, especially for others
  • Write More
That is the revolutions, very tame now, isn't it? Well the violent beating from the church for being a human being, vulnerable and abused, has destroyed me, and the fact that I am here and writing at all is a horrible miracle.

Sunday morning

Good morning peeps,

It seems to be Sunday, and rather too early for my liking, especially after a busy shift at work last night.

It is howling rain and pouring wind. As it was last night.

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk along the bay. The wind and sea were raging, but we enjoyed the walk. The dog started out lively, and was very tired and struggling to walk on the way back. I have to be careful to turn back and not let her overdo it, as she would keep walking until she collapsed if I let her.

We went to the lockup and moved back to the smaller lockup. Less rent.

The boss phoned as he had lost a driver and wanted to know if I can work every day until Wednesday, I said I could. I am moving back to the bay on Thursday but I will still work for them.

I watched films for the afternoon and went to work.
Work was steady for the evening and the weather got worse.

Today I have little to do. I am, as previous years, on sabbatical from church during January and as long as I like, to concentrate on my writing.

I keep meaning to say. I should be doing The Year 2017 and New Year's Revolutions, but I don't feel much like doing any of it this year, as you will have seen from the prayers.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Saturday Morning

Good morning peeps,

Well I have been up since some unearthly hour, doing the laundry, why is there always so much to do in the holidays?

We have a washer but I had to take the wet washing down to the big machines at the laundry. There were two fussy old ladies doing washing at 7.30 in the morning, and then me, the scruffy noodle. Hairbrush wandered off.

I do not have much clothes, so I wash them at least once a week.

I was dreaming, the dreams hurt and caused flashbacks, I dreamed I was going to Jersey.
I am deliberately not going to Jersey. I was so busy booking tikkits in the dream.
Haha, no, it isn't Jersey that I am booking tikkits for in real life, it's gurnsey, I need to chekkout their plane since we was throwing lightning at it. Did you notice Gurnsey spamming my blog yesterday? They blame me for everything. Soddoff Gurnsey. Nah, it isn't Gurnsey either.

Someone asked if I live in Jersey under the radar. No, the radar is at the airport in St. Peter, and it is illegal to live under it.
Do you remember all the kind people offering me homes and work in Jersey when the press and media attack started in 2013, and they did that despite the Korris attack and the press and media smears.
It's a very good thing that despite my longing to return home, despite my heartbreaking love for my island, that I didn't take up those offers, and even in the desperate circumstances I was in, I knew it was the right thing. And if you look at the three years of hatred against me, I think you will agree.
I will always love my channel islands, and my heart will break for them and for the injustice for eternity.

Anyways, enough of that.
The dog would like to come with me to the lockup to swap back, and then for a walk on the bay.

Do you remember the lullaby of the Great Ship Bay?  From 2014, before the church attacks on me became intolerable, there was still hope back then, not much, but a little bit.

It is very windy.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Friday Night

Good evening peeps,

The filthy church of england are kicking off again, defending the indefensible with the help of backhanders and abuse of power, and deluding themselves that they are not an evil corrupt parasite.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note, the Green Mile is on, and I am staying up till 11 to watch as much as I can. Funny I was just reading the book.

Earlier I was extremely successful in sorting out the lockup, it is all neat, ready to downsize to my old smaller lockup.
The back seats of the car were full of charity shop stuff, and the boot full of stuff for the tip, and I am proud to say that I did both trips without any anxiety, I don't like going to the tip or dropping off donations at charity shops, but both went fine.

Then came back here and was watching 'Mr Stink' which I love. And pottering about.
Then I took the dog to the beach, it was cold and the dog was reluctant to go far.

Things are tidy here, ready.

Ready for what?


Well I will tell you one thing.

I am going back to the Great Ship Bay next week.

Those of you who never knew I left there, remember, the church of england and their police have made a concerted effort to hound me and drive me from help and community and brand me and take my new identity from me over the past few years and the open and unchecked destruction of me in May last year drove me from the bay.

I also finished the writing I was doing for someone.

Now I have been enjoying my last evening off work for a few days. The weekend's shifts will be mad.


Good morning peeps,

It is Friday, and I slept a bit better, still nightmares, I woke up to thunder, wind and pouring rain, must go to the loo before bed.
Joking aside, it was a beautiful thunderstorm, and it was still dark, so I opened the window and curtains and lay in bed listening to the rain.

Then I have been finishing Rosie Lewis's latest book 'Broken' which I bought on Kindle yesterday. You peeps and everyone never believe how fast I read, but I have finished the book, and yes I am reading The Green Mile in paperback form as well.

Today I will remember the keys and go to work on the lockup, nothing else planned.

Thursday, 28 December 2017


Good evening peeps,

I am actually not working tonight or tomorrow. Heehee.

Last night's shift was stressful with wrong orders and I woke up in pain this morning.

I am almost OK now, having a painkiller day today. Did my heavy machine as well.

Another day of heading for the lockup and forgetting the keys! HA! I think it's subconscious, I don't want to sort the stuff out and get rid of most of it.

I took the dog to the beach (the dog is my friends' and they are very busy at the moment), the dog likes swimming, and then shaking and making everything wet and muddy. But it was a nice walk.

Just a quiet day really, I am reading 'The Green Mile'.

It is nice to kind of rest.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Why do so many Christmas things begin with 'C'?

Carols, Candles, Christingles, Cards, etc.

What made my Christmas this year?

  • Christmas Crafts
  • Carol Services
  • Carol Singing round the Streets
  • Christmas Films
  • Christmas Music
  • Decorations
  • Food 
  • Presents
  • Friends
  • Fun
  • Church
  • Cards, including e-cards
  • Advent Calendars - I had both Jacqui Lawson ones
  • Getting to see the best Christmas lights in the district as I worked
  • Best company and food and presents on Christmas Day
  • Dog walks on the cliffs
  • Working on the farm in the beautiful winter weather
  • Time out for writing and plans now

How about you? What made your Christmas?


Good morning peeps,

I was all nightmares last night. I woke several times, including at about 6am, but decided to stay in bed.

I got up somewhat later, and have only just had my shower.

I got texts at 8,30 asking me to work tonight.

All I have for today is going to the lockup and the farm to sort some stuff, I have to collect the post and go to the bank as well.

It has been very bad weather, trees are down, snow has settled on the hills and cliffs but not here.

I am coughing again, the cough didn't completely clear but it is trying to come back, so I have taken something to encourage it to clear.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day evening

Well we had a lovely walk on the cliffs, and then I came home and did a bit of cooking, I did quorn pieces fried with garlic and herbs and salt, and rice. There was enough for two meals, and I did some eggs as well. I had some for lunch and put the rest in tubs, which turned out handy later.

I was, as you can guess, trying to get down to some writing, but so often I am like an artist with a massive empty canvas and far too many ideas and inspirations, so I was preparing a collection of short articles for a friend, and at the same time I was assessing other writers' short pieces of work for them.
And I was watching films.

Then the phone beeped, could I work this evening? The bad weather was set in by now, but I agreed to work.

I thought it would be a dead shift, we all did, I was the only driver on duty.
The first half hour was dead, then it picked up, went dead again and picked up like mad again.
I ended up doing a full shift when we all expected to be closed and finished early, they ended up with late bookings.

The last delivery had been rushed out, they put the wrong address, wrong postcode, not matching the address, and no phone number, all strictly frowned upon, but the boss was away and it was a skeleton staff, so there was I, the driver, five miles away and cussing because this was the last delivery of three and not being able to deliver it was very frustrating. I couldn't get through to base either.

I had to bring it back, cussing rudely as I did.
They told me it wasn't my fault, well I knew that, but you know how I am, being autistic means I get very stressed about things like this.

But that was the last delivery, and they then got me a hot meal, even though I had been snacking on my meal tubs in the car.

The weather was atrocious, still is, and I have not long got home. Glad to be warm and dry, and about to dive into that huge dreamy duvet and be busy sleeping.

But think about it. I have worked a shift, I have walked the dog on the cliffs, I have been writing and editing, I got up at a decent hour this morning. Quite a productive boxing day.

Boxing Day Walk 1.

Breezy, sunny and cold, with rain coming in, that was our walk forecast.
The dog was less lively today, she has arthritis and some days she finds walking harder.

One side of us was sun and blue sky, the other cloud and rain

Tuesday Boxing Day

Good morning,

Who is up for some boxing then?

I am in pyjamas.

Well yesterday I was so tired in the evening, I just lazed around and watched Titanic and then went to bed and slept soundly until 7.30 in the morning.

This morning I have been lazy, I did do some cleaning and tidying, but in a lazy way.

I am going to lazily take the dog back to the cliffs for a lazy two mile amble. 
I am not having a big dinner today, nor any company, just peace and quiet, I am pleased to say it has been a stress free Christmas and I am not really in any pain.

I am watching Slumdog Millionaire, lazily of course.