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Monday, 28 November 2011

trouser hunting and the rudeman

I went to the daycentre earlier and had a number of cups of tea, I like to sit there and drink tea and read and just unwind, time out from trying to write the blog. There is a book there by Peter Kay my favourite comedian (because he is clean and still very funny). So I sit and read that most days, even though I know it well.
As I went out of the daycentre, 'Rudeman' said hello to me and wanted to talk, with no sarcasm, very unusual for Rudeman.

Rudeman used to always poke fun and sarcasm at me as I came and went, he used to make me feel small, but I took to verbally clouting him in return and calling him 'rude man' to his face, he became nicer and I found out one day that he is actually a titled gentleman who owns land and a big house and the rest of it and has a long history of helping homeless people. Rudeman stopped being rude recently but I still expected him to be rude.
So this morning when he said hello, I stopped and waited, he asked if I wanted a cup of tea, I told him I had had so much tea already that I would be swimming. He told me that he had taken in a homeless girl for Christmas, I said that was good, he said I probably knew her and that she looked like me, I puzzled over that because none of the homeless people in this town really look like me, in other towns I have a number of doubles but the only one in this town that remotely resembles me is a drug addict who doesn't wear glasses as he says this one does. No, I don't know who he means but he tells me that he has taken her in until at least after Christmas, then he adds 'I could take another one in too...'

I am speechless for a second, then I just say that I am glad he has helped that other girl, then I tell him I have to go shopping for trousers as mine are so worn at the seams that they will be indecent soon, holes are developing. He tells me to try the salvation army.

I search round town and all the charity shops for a decent pair of jeans that will fit, and right at the last shop there is a pair that will fit and look ok and they are a reasonable price. :)

I return to my blogging via the market and another cup of tea. It is cold today.

The children are having a Christmas craft fair near the library.

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