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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Before I left London I was told by my homeless gang there that all the immigrants were going to be put on trains and shipped out of London in order to prevent embarassment at the Olympics, at the time that seemed good because I thought I was staying in London and if the immigrants left then it meant that I would be able to get food and clothes and access the daycentres more easily without being hit and shoved and abused when trying to.

Sadly the immigrant shipping seems to be true, here they are, arriving in this town in a steady stream over the past week, it is going to get difficult to get food and hot drinks and clothing from the homeless services and it will be harder to hide to stash things or sleep, and worst of all, it will get difficult to get on the computers in the library, at the moment they are not enough to make a big difference, but already they are competing for computer space and turning up drunk in the library and being chased round the town by th police as they try to beg and busk and steal.
When I arrived here there was one Eastern European, he had been to Cambridge University to study English and was married and settled with one child. Now there are suddenly a dozen immigrants, and considering the fact that London has thousands to get rid of, and they can't stop them flooding into the country and flooding into London, the future looks grim.

Excuse me if that seems prejudiced, but an immigrant in London who hit and shoved me out of my place in the que openly said to me that he didn't give a damn about England as long as he can get what he wants.

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