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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday evening

Good evening peeps,

Well, I am so tired. I am so tired these days that I want to stay in bed in the morning and I want to go to sleep right now, I think I will go to bed soon but it means I will wake in the night.

Anyway, I had two gardens to do today so I did those, easy work, lawn mowing and edges. But I felt so tired, so so tired.
The other problem is that physio is hurting my shoulder, which worries me, I will have to stop that part and ask a doctor.
That shoulder hates treatment but I am as worried as ever about leaving it to continue to cause problems.

Anyway, I got home from work and did a steak and kidney pie for tea, and a nice cuppa, and I had just started those when someone arrived to look at the car again.

I left my pie and cuppa and hoped the cat wouldn't eat them. My old cats would have done.

We looked at the car, it turned out that the problem wasn't the spark plugs, in fact we narrowed it down to ignition coil and amplifier, we managed to flatten the battery while we did that!

The verdict is, he is going to order a new amplifier and coil but he is away until the weekend and he will come and fit them then.
So that norty car of mine will just have to sit there until then.

I was relieved that at least he really knew the car engine and narrowed it down and I won't have to pay to have the car towed or pay the labour costs that the garage charges.
Cars are expensive and sometimes troublesome! I knew that.

Anyway, I came back in to watch Hollyoaks and have my supper, the cat was curled up peaceful and purring a few feet from my untouched supper. He looked at me hopefully and didn't move, so I made a fuss of him and gave him some meat from the pie and a saucer of milk, he purred even more, he is a happy cat, although recently he seems to be day dreaming more.

I am having Guernsey type premonition and Hollyoaks has been triggering minor flashbacks.

Tomorrow I have therapy and then work.

I think I have no choice but to go to bed now, I am too tired, it is only ten past eight.

I have a nice letter to read and reply to, I will do that tomorrow.

I managed to find Pingu and the doorbell at last:

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