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Sunday, 12 July 2015

An eighth interview with HG

Here we are, whackily talking about astronomy.

1 Do you know the names of the planets in order?

Good question, no, I did learn them and have now forgotten them.
2 Do you use mnemonics to remember them?
eg. "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"

I can't remember the mnemonics we used to learn them, but it wasn't that one! :)
3 When did you first learn about the planets? How? Book, TV, person?
I learned about the planets from those little thin science journals, I had a brother who was very keen and consciencious about teaching me from these books and I am glad he made the effort.

4 Can you find the plough or big dipper?

Yes, we used to lie on the lawn and pick out the constellations when I was little.
5 Can you find the pole star?

Yes, always :)
6 Have you ever seen a planet in the night sky? Which ones?

Yes, mainly Mars and Venus, is it Venus that is usually visible close to dawn and very bright? We had a lovely time at the local astronomy centre a few months back, looking at planets through very powerful telescopes.
7 Can you name 5 famous astronomers?

Sir Patrick Moore, Galileo, Edwin Hubble (telescope), Albert Einstein, Ptolmey (a little Roman).
8 Have you seen shooting stars?

Yes, many, and I do wish on them, the best place to see them is St. Ouens Bay in Jersey.
9 Have you every looked through a proper telescope? Tell me about it. Where was it, what did you see?

Yes, at our local astronomy centre, I saw planets and stars and constellations. It is awesome.
10. Have you seen an eclipse of the sun? And of the moon? When, where?

Yes, I first saw an eclipse of the moon when I was young, and I remember an eclipse of the sun in the late 90s or early 20s, there was one this year but it was too cloudy to see, everything went dark and the birds were singing loudly.

11. Have you every seen the “Northern Lights” (sometimes they can be seen in England and even Jersey!)

Yes, I saw them faintly in the midlands a long time ago, I know they have been seen from Southern England not so long ago.

Thank you for interviewing me, I should spend more time on Astronomy, it is fascinating, you make me miss sleeping under that sky full of stars.

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