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Monday, 20 July 2015

9th Interview with HG

Good evening, this interview has arrived in response to my new car arriving: 


1. When did you learn to ride a bicycle? What make if you remember?I was 7 years  old when I learned to ride a bike, my brothers and sisters even those younger than me, had already learned but I struggled to learn, an early sign of my learning and motor problems that went unnoticed.

The bike was a yellow 'Boxer Bike' which I loved but my mum threw it away in a fit of madness, such as were not uncommon.

2. When did you learn to drive a car?

This is a tricky one, I struggled for years to learn to drive, from age 17, but I was terrified of the instructors, who were still almost all male even then, but I learned to drive after having a motor bike for two years and gaining confidence on the roads before buying my landlord's old car from him and he taught me to drive it as I had no fear of him. I passed my test in 2004 in that car and was confident driving it straight away.

3. Where was it that you learnt to drive?

I can't print that on here.

4. Did you have a lot of lessons?

yes, as explained above.

5. What was your first car?

A Peuguot 205, it was a great car and I loved it, the fuel pump went after a year and it wasn't cost effective to repair it.

6. What is your favourite car?

Peugeot 106 or 206, no other cars need apply. I do not need a big car or a flash car, just a car that is reliable and drives well and I prefer small cars, after all, I don't need a big car.

7. Would you like a Herbie car (Walt Disney Volkswagen)?

Well, I have a bike with a life and character of it's own,  I think a car like that would be terrifying, no, actually I don't think I would want a Herbie car, although I enjoy the films.

8. What's the biggest car you have ever driven?

To be honest, I don't recall ever driving a big car.  I have driven tractors that are huge but my cars have always been small, I drove a Peuguot 306 once, what a heavy lump of a car! 

9. What's your favourite speed (if a straight road) - 30 mph, 40 mph, 50 mph (if allowed) or higher?

In the past I loved fast driving, and motorways, but I have grown up now, and as you (the interviewer) are probably aware, I live in a country area where there is not a lot of fast driving and I am very content with 30 or 40 now I am back on the road.

10. Do you give your cars a name (like Herbie!)

Yes, I cannot recall the first car's name, or the second one, the third one was my beloved Anna, who perished in Jersey, then there was Warrior, who perished because the Diocese of Winchester hounded me from my home in the summer of 2010, leading to the money saved for the car repair to be spent on fleeing, and that isn't in the Korris report! My new car does have a name, carried over from the previous owners who have just sold it to me, but due to identity and location, the  name cannot be published here.

Thank you for interviewing me.

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