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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday Evening

Good evening,

Well, back online at last, the internet has been one-key for a few days.

I am just catching up, and I will post a rather quirky recent interview soon.

Lats go back to Friday and start catching up.

Friday morning, I was up bright and early at 5.30, got the papers out without any problems although the bike's new innertube seemed a bit soft.

Then I was all lively and ready for a day's garden clearance, that was going well but the sun got so hot that by lunchtime I was wilting a bit and I was told by my caring customer that that was enough until next week :) she was right, and seeing as she is my friend as well, I have to listen. So I finished for the day at about 1.30, well I finished work, I then had my own work to do, a major grocery shop and also purchasing some tools for my business, because as business increases, I must now make sure I am better equipped, I still haven't got as far as a car yet, but I am doing quite well without,

So, by the time the shopping and equipment purchasing was done, I was ready for a dip in the sea, as it was a roasting hot afternoon.

When that was done, I was quite tired, so I watched my programmes while ddoing my pain relief and physio regime.
The wonderful physio who was working with me, and who has now transferred to another hospital gave me the great idea of an ice bottle, it is just a bottle of frozen water that I keep in the freezer, and when I get home in pain after working hard, I place this bottle on the pain spots to unclench the muscles, it is magic! along with going through all the other pain relief and physio techniques, if I do this when I come home from work or sport that makes me ill with pain, I can prevent debilitating pain from stopping me from working, hopefully it is as simple as that, but time will tell.

I had an early night on Friday as I had grabbed a new garden clearance contract starting on Saturday and I wanted to be refreshed and energized for that.
My housemate arrived home as I was falling asleep, and she needed to unpack, so I put some earplugs in and slept peacefully.

I woke up a bit tired and achy on Saturday but not ill, and I got the papers out no problem, but the blue bike obviously has either a slow puncture or a fault with the new innertube.

After papers, shower and breakfast, my friend collected me and my tools and dropped me off at my new garden clearance contract, I am always nervous of new work, especially as this guy sounded hilariously disorganized.
I was there early, and I could certainly see what needed doing, I was also nervous because I knew I wouldn't be working alone, so I was hoping for the best.

When I got to the site, the skip was there but no-one was around, I knocked on the door and a man who appeared to be either unwell or worse for a bit of drink eventually came to the door, I said who I was as I had not had time to get there and assess the job previously, and he was relieved because he thought I might have been the baby sitter who had been trying to rip him off, this puzzled me as the house and garden were a site rather than lived in, and there was no sign of any children.

I was a bit worried about this new client but he was all there despite drink and an accident or stroke leaving his speech and movement a bit hesitant.
I was relieved that the weather was cloudy after Friday's full sun.
The client seemed a bit unsure on some work points so I prompted him and asked questions, and then informed him I would make a good start while he woke up a bit more, he was happy with that.

I started felling and lopping the trees which partially blocked the driveway.
Eventually two men turned up, one was my client's brother in law, who was only there to remove the fencing to take to his house.
The other man was a bit of a whats-the-right-word? He talked a lot, especially about his achievements and life, you know the type? Go to any CofE or Evangelical church and they are generic. Anyway, this meant that I was doing the work, this guy who was supposed to be working with me just talked and did very little, and the brother in law just took the fencing while the man we were working for was obviously not fit for work, so I was doing a huge amount of heavy work, and despite my disabilities I am now able to work like I used to, as long as physio and pain regimes are followed, I am very happy to be work fit again.

By the end of the day, the skip was nearly full and wow, the garden was looking different!
I am due back there on Monday, if the weather allows.
The day did turn to full sun, so I tried to work in the shade if I could.
I finished my day at 3.30 in a relaxed manner, the boss and the other labourer were well into the beers by then, and had forgotten work in favour of just talking, and it was pleasant talk, they are both drink and fags type but nice guys, polite and well behaved, I was perfectly happy because the boss got me a load of zero coke when I politely refused alcohol.

I was due to meet my friend for a lift home when she finished work but she had obviously finished early if the shop was quiet and had forgotten me :)
So I wandered along the sea front with a banana ice cream :)
Then I came home and all I could really do was rest and watch films, no beach, too tired.
But the films on Film4 and Movie Mix were good: Evan Almighty, The Princess Diaries 2. and Austin Powers, well, err, haha.

Then it was bed time.

This morning I woke up feeling very stiff and tired but not ill, I went and did the papers after inflating the blue bike's tyre, and the blue bike is booked in again for Wednesday and I will have the gears replaced rather than let the chronic problem go on, that is my decision on it :(

Anyway, the Sunday round is easy, and I came home and have just been doing housework, papework, useful stuff, I haven't been out all day, it has rained all day, not that I mind rain but it means no car boot sale or swimming in the sea or anything, I have been meaning to go to the supermarket all day, to get a few things including stamps so I can post a letter to my bestest buddy who lives a long way away, we like writing.

I had to wake the cat up and remind him to eat, because he is old. So now he is asleep on my bed. He is always very grateful when I go and fish him out of his nest in the garage and bring him in for food, he purrs and bumps me with his head and then sleeps on my bed.

I have a busy working week ahead, I need to re-calculate my income and let Housing Benefit know what I am up to, as they have to adjust, it is hard because my work is seasonal and variable, and in the autumn when the gardening fades, I will have to be doing enough cleaning to break even as well as doing my university studies.

The forecast is not great for tomorrow and this garden clearance is time limited so I am a bit worried, especially with all my other work going on. But the client seems delighted with my work, he has been very complimentary, he has also taken note of the other labourer standing and talking while I work, so things are looking good.

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