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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thursday morning

Good morning,

Please excuse the lack of blog.

I have been preoccupied with attending to my Mum on her visit and then yesterday a mixture of busy, no internet and other troubles.

On Tuesday morning the alarm went at 6am and I lay there for what seemed like ages, feeling very much like I didn't want to get up.
But I got up, washed, dressed, made sure the flat was even neater than it's usual new pin status, and set off on the two bus journeys to collect mother.

The night before, at church social, one of my friends had been commenting on how it was to be a glorious day on Tuesday, after all the jinxed visits and planned trips with the adoptive parents, so the weather wouldn't affect the visit.
Well, Haha, as I set out, thig fog was hanging in the air, and as I listened to the travel news in my earphones on the bus, all the transport was delayed!

Well I got down to the travel terminal in the foggy cold early morning and hoped for the best.
Eventually I watched the fog lifting, and my mother arrived, safe and sound, and about 15 minutes late, but she got here.

She got here earlier than usual and we enjoyed a scenic bus ride.
We got home and she inspected the new flat and pronounced that she approved of it, mother's seal of approval.
We had a cuppa and exchanged Christmas gifts, although we are likely to meet up again before Christmas and in the holidays.
But it is nice to have the gifts to go under the big tree, which I collect later today, and the flat is overflowing with decorations waiting to go on it.
The piles of gifts and decorations look lovely but lonely, waiting for their tree, and I have moved the little poundland tree to table by the door, so the tree can go in the sitting room, by the window.

Anyway, Mum and I walked down the cliffs to a cafe she is fond of and likes to visit when she is over here. I am fond of them too, nice people, good food, good prices.

The fog had lifted to a glorious winter's day.

We enjoyed lunch there and then went shopping, as we do.
Back to the flat and then I had to return Mother to her transport home, she had hoped I was going back with her but I didn't have enough spare money for the fare.
I will nip over in the next few days.

Yesterday was a day when everything went wrong, internet and phone down, multiple other stresses and generally a difficult time, and then in the afternoon my friends came round with my Christmas present, a band new freeview flatscreen tv, and a year's licence fee paid for. Aren't my friends cool? :)

So yesterday evening I rearranged the flat to get the tv onto a decent surface and get the place for the big Christmas tree sorted out.

Then I had a very rough night, and have only had a few hour's sleep. Not because I was watching television, just too much on my mind.
I spent a lot of the night writing as I couldn't sleep. I did not have the television on.

I am so glad I did sleep for about three hours, because although I have had to cancel my swim and gym as I am too tired, I am going ahead with meeting the horses today, and getting familiarized with the place where I will have horse-therapy and find comfort and development in working with the horses. Horses are better than humans at being therapists, they listen to all your problems and then snort and shake their heads and laugh horsely and you realise your problems are nothing.
Horses also have soft noses, and I am obsessed with soft things.

At 6am I went to the supermarket as my money was in, and got some much needed essentials, and the Christmas radio times, and since then I have been busy circling programmes I want to watch, as well as eating the chocolates that I am supposed to thread on the tree.

I am being collected to go to the horses in less than an hour, and then after that the real Christmas shopping starts, with the collection of the tree and many decorations and goodies.

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