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Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday night, floods

Well we survived the gales, and a flood only occured when something in the kitchen plumbing blew.
I was alone in the house, in all apartment blocks, I was the only person home, and then there was water going everywhere in the kitchen and utility room, the landord is miles away and no one was home, so I phoned the landlord, and he tried everyone and finally got the man in the hotel to come over.
The man in the hotel stopped the water, as I had no screwdriver and hadn't been able to turn the water off with a knife.

Then alone, I had a flooded utility room and kitchen to clear. As you know I have a cold, and was trying to avoid a chest infection because of my asthma, well I now have a chest infection, but I managed to clear water from ceilings, walls, cupboards, surfaces, drawers, everything, especially the floor, which was a few inches deep.
I was soaked and I used all my towels and cloths and newpapers and a mop and buckets and bowls.

I am tired and coughing, but the kitchen and utility room are now dry -ish.
I put the heating way up and left the doors and windows open, and everything finally dried, and I then changed out of my sopping wet clothes and had a hot shower, pity all my towels were sopping wet, I had to dry myself on a flannel, before putting on fleecy tracksuit trousers and a thermal top and jumper.

What a disaster! I am tired and feel rough now.

I know this house has teething problems, but when does it stop teething? and does it need such sharp teeth?

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