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Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday evening

Good evening,

At lunchtime I cooked a huge dish of fish and rice, enough for lunch and supper.

Then I went to the library and also booked a haircut.

Then I went in one of the chattery shops, they do good cards there, and they had Christmas cards at a decent price, so I got some, some of my friends only like like Christmas cards that refer to the Nativity and the meaning of Christmas, so I was pleased that the Chattery shop had some at a good price.

I managed to have my much-missed bike ride along the front today, it was great, a calm sea and the hills blue in the cold air.

I came home and have been writing and also finishing the paperchain, which is now up.

The paperchain looks gloriously lopsided, but it will do.

I went out to get the local paper, and it is cold out, with Christmas lights shining everywhere and the gritting lorry is out.
The first Christmas trees and lights started to appear mid-November, haha, me and Mum saw the first one when she was over here then. These days people put fairy lights up as soon as the long nights begin, a winter thing rather than Christmas.

And what about Black Friday? We are not American, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving (yet) so why are we made to hear about black friday all the time? Just a way of selling more. Last year they had just come up with making the sheeple celebrate black friday and were feeding them 'Black Friday' as a click word on repeat, the way to do it is to get old church ladies to say it and go 'what does that mean?' over and over.
Oh, and then they add 'cyber monday' to make people buy more stuff. Does it make people happier or better off? No, poor sheeple, if they were told that standing on their heads once a day would make them healthy wealthy and wise, they would do it, especially if they were told that people in America do it.

Anyway, I have also been having conversations with my adoptive mum. Earlier this week I was overjoyed to get a text saying we were all having a weekend and going to London, but then dismayed when health problems their end cancelled it, this happens a lot, as you may have realised if you have been reading the blog, but it still throws me when it happens.
So anyway, it looks like I can go to London on my own tomorrow if my money comes through, so I can see my beloved winter London of hot chocolate and ice skating, and see our friends, and then Mum is coming over to see me during the week, although we have ended up in a bit of a muddle over when as we collectively have various Christmas events to attend and other things to do.

My December quick diary looks so busy.

I think I need an early night, because even if I don't go to London tomorrow, I still have a lot to do, lots of local Christmas events going on etc.

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