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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thursday evening

Good evening,

Well I went out in the stormy windy weather, to pick up my prescription and then go and do the Big Shop at the supermarket.
I have not done a Big Shop while I have been here, I have been living on dregs, struggling and kind of just surviving here.

Anyway, I did the big shop, and the wind up at the supermarket tried to grab some of my groceries, including my flowers, again, it was like back at the time when the wind took my football and flowers up there before, only I got the flowers back both times and lost the football.

Anyway, eventually I got home, tired and hot, and painstakingly unpacked everything and cleared out any stale or dry food from the cupboard and fridge.

Then I did the bed linen, did the bed out in it's new linens. The bed has been a messy problem due to being halfway between a single and a double, and thus having no sheet and the scruffy old double duvet cover on it. Now it is done out in a soft Jersey sheet, a white version of my old blue Jersey bedding - which got left in Jersey. I like soft Jersey bedding. But the new duvet cover and pillowslips are smart blue and white checks. Wow it looks so much better, and all of a sudden the whole flat looks better.

The bathroom has a new loo brush set, and the sitting room is decorated and has the tree in it, as well as the changing colour candle with new batteries in it.
There is also a real candle lit.
Then the bed is smartly dressed and the toys all neatly grouped on the bed.

The television surface has a new bunch of flowers on it, the first flowers I have had here.
And the coffee table and box are covered in Christmas wrapping paper and are already sideboard to oranges and dates and chocolates.

The flat is generally looking a lot smarter and more 'homeley' as the landlord described it earlier when he popped in.

And there is the small tree by the door, and there is the tree I put in the communal area.
And guess what, the cards are staying on the wall now, they have ceased to hurtle like lemmings.

I have had very little time to admire the stormy seas and galeforce winds today, but I just walked over to the cliff, and it is windy but mild, and raining lightly, while the sea remains rough and the wind galeforce.

Tomorrow is a bit more relaxed, as far as I know! :)

I am tired after last night, so I may well sleep well in a very comfy looking bed.

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