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Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day evening

Good evening,

Well. I was feeling so lazy this morning that it was difficult to change into dayclothes in the cold, especially as I was swaddled in thermals, fluffy jamas, luxury dressing gown and duvet, watching television.
I drank tea, ate toast, drank schloer and ate pringles while watching Pinnochio and then Santa Claus, and the Snowman on repeat.
Eventually I persuaded myself into clothes, especially as Back to the Future 2 would be shown on repeat on +1 so I wouldn't miss it. So I was able to boot myself out for a walk.

It was raining, sleeting, snowing wetly, nothing settling. My weaker leg and foot ached a lot, because I have only the new trainers which are not supportive at all. So Although I like walking, I am in pain and not walking well. I miss the blue bike as we are half an hour from town and very isolated up here.

But anyway, I walked to the main road, got a bus, and had a walk from town along the seafront. A very different walk from yesterday, the sea was green and calm and the wet cold sleet and rain continued.
On the way back, I got some milk, reduced chicken and Philadelphia lightest.

The answer to the Boxing Day meal, when I got home, was that it is Friday as well as Boxing Day, and I am a Catholic. So I did salmon. I did the cold smoked salmon with philadelphia lightest and squares of crustless wholemeal bread and cucumber and tomato.
A very posh and tasty meal, washed down with schloer.
I created the 'Eton Mess' for dessert, crushed merangue nests, fresh raspberries and fat free raspberry and honey yogurt. But I haven't eaten the Eton, I wasn't hungry.

Then back to reality, trying to sort and arrange my possessions here, as well as watching 'Back to the Future'.

What I have done about the bed is, I have put the mattress on the floor, and I will try sleeping like that, and hopefully, very soon, I can collect my own bedding, including the blankets and big duvet to help keep me warm, as it is very cold here, and the memory foam pillow to support my head.

I plan to relax and have a hot shower and put all the thermals and warm layers back on soon, and then relax in the duvet and watch television.

Wet rain, sleet and snow flakes keep falling but not settling.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has gone down with pneumonia. And while I disapprove of his dreadful showing off and misleading of the general public, pneumonia is a nasty and quite frightening thing to have. So I hope he recovers soon.

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