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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Afternoon

Good afternoon, Happy Christmas.

Well this morning I was having a frantic time looking for breakfast stuff, clean clothes and wash things and generally trying to orientate myself, still tired and in pain.
I didn't have time for a shower but I did get breakfast, clean clothes and a quick brush of my teeth before hurrying off to Mass, relieved that there was the later 11am Mass. I think what matters is being there, rather than being smartly turned out.

I did the traditional Christmas breakfast of toast (not melba toast) and coffee - the perculator broke so it had to be instant, and a few chocolates.
The television in the kitchen was on a touching animation related to the Nativity, very sweet.

My adoptives texted when I was near church, I think they went to an earlier Mass, so I thanked them for the dressing gown, they knew I wanted a dressing gown, but bright pink?! Where did Bright Pink come into anything? :)

I got to Mass late but not too late, and at least 20 people were later than me, including a norty police officer, who was on duty but sneaked in anyway and went up for communion in full uniform, they are not allowed to do that, but it was cool.
At the end of Mass, the excellent Priest got the children to come up and lead us in singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. So cool.

I decided, since I was and am tired, and since my shoes are not supportive and I was down there for Mass anyway, I would do my Christmas Day walk after Mass and come home after that, rather than trek home from Mass and back out in the afternoon when I am more tired. So I did that.

I walked down to the sea, two shops were open, such is modern Christmas. So I got a coke zero and a babybel to keep me going on my walk, don't tell Mum I went in a shop on Christmas Day! :)

Oh what a beautiful walk and a beautiful day! Cold and Sunny, loads of happy people out on the beach and the prom. Festive jumpers, excited dogs and children, glorious sunshine, cold breeze, full and lively sea, and a few Christmas Day swimmers and kite surfers.

I felt very happy as I walked, I walked a mile or two along the front and headed back as I was tired and aching. And thankfully the toilets on the front were open too :)

Home at last, and I put my festive dinner to cook. Turkey fillets cooked in garlic fry-lite, special potatoes, brussels sprouts and gravy. Completely healthy, and no stuffing as I had no stuffing mix, and no cranberry sauce as I don't like it.
My housemate wandered in, following his nose and declared the cooking smell delicious, he could have had some as there was enough, but he did chops for himself, so I have enough festive dinner for tea too.
My dessert was going to be a kind of Eton Mess made out of crushed merangue nests, fat free fruit yogurt and fresh rasperries, but to be honest, I only ate half of my dinner and I am full, so I will leave dessert for later or tomorrow.
I have loads of goodies but I really haven't been very hungry, but I am enjoying a glass of schloer and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Channel 5.

The official relax time has arrived, and all I will do now is rest, watch television and eat tasty stuff if I feel hungry. There is endless tea, and I will have a shower and put my new dressing gown on later, but all I need to do is relax on the sofa with the duvet, and enjoy television.
I have the massage machine on my aches and pains at the moment too.
What a nice Christmas!
Even yesterday I knew I had been tense and wound tight for so long that I doubted I could relax at all.

I haven't done my Christmas Prayers or look back at the year yet, but I will.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow.

The only things missing from this years Christmas were marzipan fruits and figs, I couldn't find either anywhere! And also my traditional pink Santa hat, I like a plain pink Santa hat, not one that says 'kiss me!' or 'looking for Mr Claus'! Haha.

Apparently the Archbishop of Canterbury is sick with a cold.
At Christmas, Clergy are overwhelmed with services and events and some do end up sick, because it wears them down. JM used to always get sick and be on antibiotics and spend her post Christmas break sick.

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