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Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day 2014 - morning

Good morning,

Well yesterday I watched a lot of television, as I wrapped snugly in the duvet on the sofa, it was so quiet and peaceful.

In the evening I put my thermals on as I am not used to a cold house, and I tried to sleep, I was warm but unable to sleep, unused to the bed and it doesn't support my spine, so in the end I took some 5HTP and that knocked me out.

I woke this morning, peaceful but I know I was snoring, head not supported and can't find the anti-histamines. I have had several cuppas and will put the television on for Pinnochio in a minute. I need to look at the forecast and think about a walk, the weather is due bad later, well snow, but it will be wet snow and wind here, so I may want to walk before it gets bad as my asthma is bad at the moment and cold air can trigger an attack.

At least I have found my meds, apart from the anti-histamines.

Hm, it's a lazy-shaped day. I am not a mad boxing day sales person, how silly it all is.
The sales last through January and bargains can be had without pain.
What people need to do is relax, and stop the driven life for a day or two at least.
Easier said than done, even I know that.

And you know what? I found my perfect Christmas this year.
Funny isn't it?
Society makes you feel that you have to be with a jolly, noisy crowd of family or friends for Christmas, and if you know me, my routines allow for more solitude than the normal person, because I need that, and yet I still worry about Christmas because sociaety's image of Christmas with others is so strong.

Well, I am not alone, and haven't been alone.
I enjoyed a lovely midnight Mass and Carols on Christmas Eve Night, and in the morning I opened some of my presents, on the blog, to tell you what was in them. Then I had a cuppa and said good morning to anyone else here who was up.
Then I went to Christmas Morning Mass.
Then I enjoyed a lovely walk, and no loneliness as Mass was full and loads of people out walking and shouting cheerful greetings.
Then me and a housemate were cooking our dinners, me a healthy turkey roast and him pork chops.
Then I enjoyed television and relaxed. Much needed relaxing.
Society tries to make Christmas Day alone into loneliness and sadness, and yes, it may apply to normal gregarious people, but for me, it has been bliss, and I needed the time out.

Last year was lovely but let me tell you how a 'traditional Christmas' affects me.
The level of interaction is high and it is always hot with lots of people around and everyone talking, it hard for me to hear, hard for me to keep talking, hard for me to play the usual games that I am cackhanded at, I get tired, the dinner is too big for me, the goodies are too much, and I just want to escape somewhere cold, dark and quiet.

So, I have found my perfect Christmas, it runs like the rest of my life, not alone, not lonely, just doing things the way that works best for me, a full and enjoyable Christmas.

I didn't eat anything last night, basically my Christmas Day calories were not that high at all and I had a long walk, and as for Christmas eve, I was on the move with heavy baggage and hardly ate all day! And the day before that I had a good gym workout. So I am unlikely to have put any weight on yet, but there are lots of goodies left, so I must eat them slowly, bit by bit, with loads of exercise to use up the calories.

Time for television.

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