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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014 - Home for Christmas - oops, corrected the title

Good morning peeps,

Happy Christmas to you, unless you don't celebrate Christmas, in which case, happy Thursday.

Where are the decent teabags? All I can find is floor sweepings tea that tastes like tin! :)


Yesterday we put my furniture and the blue bike in storage. I warned my friend as he took the blue bike, it is lively, don't let it get out of control.

Then I took myself and my luggage, and travelled through the day, to get home.

By the evening I felt like smiling for the first time in a long time. Despite knowing I would likely be ill today from the heavy luggage pulling my shoulder. I am not too bad considering three short nights sleep, a lot of stress, the heavy luggage and the long move.

By the time I was arrived with all my baggage, it was time for a cuppa before midnight mass.

It was funny to be back, and to talk to my 'new housemates' so to speak, and then walk down to midnight Mass on my own.

We had Carols before a lovely peaceful Mass, Father is an excellent preacher and I really enjoyed Mass, but as you can imagine, I was very tired and was struggling not to doze in the warm sleepy church in the end.

I came out of church and started answering Happy Christmas texts from others who had been at Midnight services elsewhere, and a very drunk man got a bit too close, no aggression, he was just uninhibited due to drink, but some lovely church people were worried for me, and offered me a lift home.

So I got home quicker in the cold tired night, and I was shattered and it is quite a walk home.

The night itself was a cold and starry one like it was long ago when I last walked to Mass here.
But, the cold air after a day with no meds and lots of activity, was triggering my asthma, and I was grateful for a lift home.

I got home, fell into bed expecting to sleep like a log, but struggled to sleep at all in a 'new' place, colder than the apartments with no heating, as I have got used to the heating, and a bed I am not used to, which doesn't support my spine as well as I would like.
By the end of the night I was sleeping, thankfully, and woke peacefully at 8.20am.
Although I am in pain from yesterday's move, it is not severe and it may go off rather than getting worse.

It is nice not to be alone at Christmas although no one here cares very much about Christmas.
I still intend to throw some turkey fillets and special potatoes in the oven whenever, and there is a Mass at 11am if I want to go.
There is also a lovely walk I am planning, and the weather will be ok.
I have the television on, but the guide is buried and I can't find my decent teabags, but apart from that, all is well.

I still haven't done Christmas prayers or a look back at the year.

Shall I open a few presents for you? See what is in the Big Present? Ok.

Huge fluffy dressing gown! :) luxurious. Someone knew I wanted that, but it is bright pink! What happened to conservative pastels, blue and green? :)


Photo frame. Thanks Mum! Always need more photo frames for pictures of us and our friends.

Keychain cross, lovely.

Bar of special soap and buff puff. Is that a hint?! :)

Very pretty pen and notelet set. Aww! :)

Special bubble bath. Again with the hints! :)

Happy Christmas, I will now seek teabags and tv guides. And I think if I can find the perculator I will make some real coffee, and I bet everyone wants some of that! :)

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