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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wednesday Evening

Good evening peeps.

Well this morning I was up just before six as usual but dyspraxia continued and I somehow never got my shower and hurried out of the house late, wearing the wrong trousers (Gromit!).
However, I got to work in time, early. But I had to tell the boss I felt ill, just in case.
The boss was busy and never checked up on me as I plodded on with my work, I took painkillers at breaktime, but by afternoon I was feeling very ill, and I realised it was a full-blown migraine, hence the clumsiness recently.
I don't get many migraines, and sometimes they start and fade out within hours, but this one was a cracker, it wasn't responding to painkillers or acupressure.
An hour before I was due to finish, I was numb down one side, spooky considering how I wrote about that in the Bob and Julie statement yesterday, and the statement seems to have triggered this migraine, but I was also stumbling, disorientated and sure I was going to vomit.
Which isn't good when you are working alone with tools and interacting with the nosey general public.

So I searched for the boss but he was nowhere to be found. So I found his second-in-command, and he was very sympathetic because he gets migraines occasionally, so he looked for the boss and couldn't find him, and got me to write a note and told me I could call it a day for the day, so I did that.
I don't like letting people down and I am a bit anxious as I have a very important few days coming up, and I will not be back on that team on Friday as usual anyway and I do not want to still be ill tomorrow as a lot is happening tomorrow.
But, it has been a lovely sunny day today, which did help.
And when I finished work, I headed home past the charity shop, popped in to tell them my world, and the boss told me to go and get Migraleve from the chemist, so I did, and although the migraine is still there in the background, I do feel a lot better.

I came home, intending to simply have a warm bath, do my music and watch a film, but things never go as planned.
I have not done any of those things, however I have checked the gas meter, with the cat's considerable help, haha, and I have had fish and chips so I didn't have to cook, fish and chips is not ideal for migraine but I felt norty, so I walked along the shore eating it and watching the waves break and the lights on the fishing rods.
My asthma is also bad today, so it is possible I have had an allergic reaction to something. My migraines typically have a specific trigger, as does my asthma.

I have sorted my clothes drawers and wardrobe today, and I am pleased with that.
My housemate was talking about tonight's quiz, but I am certainly not going quizzing.
I nearly collided with a wall on the way home from the sea, just because the migraine makes me unsteady, no alcohol involved.

Wish me luck with the next few days.

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