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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tuesday evening

Good evening,

I am tired.

I went to town this morning, did the documents. Shopped for a few essentials and found a heap of bargain photo frames in a charity shop, just what I need for my ongoing photo and heritage project.
I had lunch in town and went to the charity shop.
At the shop I tidied up and sorted stock and made tea, and de-scaled the kettle and did the washing up and cleaned the loo and steamed loads of clothes.

A whole load of clothes in my size were in, and after owning only three pair of jeans, one of which are too short, I now own 8 new pairs of jeans and trousers, to go with my new tops, and I was also given a pair of boots, proper ladies boots, not like my work boots or walking boots, so I am all smart, I have a wardrobe, how posh.
I was also given a few gardening books.

So by the time I left work at 5pm, I was loaded down with stuff, and I had to get some groceries too.
I arrived home heavily laden with things, and at home a letter and a parcel were waiting.

The parcel was a music manuscript for my practice, and the letter was a copy of my Birth Certificate. I have never seen my full Birth Certificate, and it settled a few things, but it was eerie to see that this copy of it was issued on the same day this year that my Birth was registered on all those years ago. There have been a few spooky co-incidences recently.

Anyway. I was tired and didn't want to do my chores.
I watched the Simpsons and had a shower bath as I didn't have time this morning.
Then I put some turkey steaks under the grill and did the bins.
Then I made my packed lunch for tomorrow while I did and ate my supper. One lot of washing up that way.
Then I did my music practice.

Now I have evicted the cat and I am having an early night, too tired.
I would say it has been a productive day.
I want to know more about the debate in Jersey, what was the result on the finance for the COI?

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