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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Thursday evening

Good evening,

Well I am still very ill, even with migraleve and deep freeze. This is the worst migraine I can remember.
I am still having dyspraxia problems as well.

Anyway, today I went for interview, induction and assessment, they offered me a job and put me to work, unfortunately they want me to work full time, and the job was not suitable for my disabilities really. They were nice, and the thought of earning a full time wage and being able to afford haircuts and motorbike and things I want or need was so tempting. But I doubt it would be fair on them or me. So I worked until they let me go for the day. Then, as I had not had a break or food or tea, which would also be a problem if I worked there, I walked to the nearby cafe and sat there with tea and a slice of cake, and I took painkillers.
I had spent some four hours working in the heat with no break, no tea or food or painkillers, and it was now afternoon and work finishes just in time to miss the bus, and buses are one per hour, so if I worked there I would be trying to get there for 7am, before the buses start, and not finishing until 3pm, with a half hour break at some point, and then having to wait an hour for the bus, and then the bus ride home. That would make it a long day, and really it is not a suitable environment for me, nice as they are there.

So, just as I made the decision not to keep the third volunteer role, I have decided not to take the job I was given today. I would rather keep doing my odds and ends and building up the jobbing gardening and things.
So it was a disappointing day, but when I got home there was an email with some rather good news, hopefully.
Anyway, migraleve and deep freeze but still a migraine and clumsiness, I nearly set my supper on fire, but at least I ate supper.
The cat decided to sleep on my back while I was reading a book. 
I have done some washing and I am going to bed soon.

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