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Monday, 5 December 2011

insights into abuse from a police child protection team

I am just reading a book about a police child protection team. It is called 'Baby X'.

The book describes a protection officer explaining abuse and abusers. (pages 32-33), the officer speaks of profiles of abusers, he describes people like my abuser who used to spend an inordinate amount of time on the sailing cadets project, these people give the impression of being hard working altruistic people, giving up so much time to volunteer work that gives them access to children (and vulnerable people), it describes how they can get close to families with children (this reminds me of GP, who was able to get close to my family), and my abuser on the island, the other abuser, Frank, was mainly unable to access children and vulnerable people as he was rarely alone.
The protection officer says how one paedophile admitted he used to access children through church groups and working with children at church 'because it was so easy' and people could be so trusting.

He also says what Janet used to say as an excuse - so many paedophiles were abused themselves, but he adds what my therapist Lesley taught me, it is no excuse, many adult abuse victims would rather die than abuse a child.

He says that sometimes abusers claim that the children enjoy what they do. No, that is never an excuse, ever, a child needs childhood, sexuality changes a child's mentality and affects their devalopment, the memory or loss of memory regarding the abuse stays with them and affects them forever in one way or another.

He also makes comment on denial,how these abusers can persuade other people including the child's parents that they are innocent. The impact of this on an abused child is doubly damaging, the abuse, the denial, in my case as a teenager and then an adult has affected me terribly, the damage it can do to a vulnerable child as they grow must be terrible. No one knew about my brother abusing me until I was a teenager trying to prevent him getting custody of my younger siblings, but the denial since then and the denial of the abuse I suffered as an adult has done me terrible harm.

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