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Saturday, 24 December 2011

merry christmas eve!

we wish you a merry Christmas eve, here I am, in a dirty internet cafe full of creepy men, blogging because I need blog, and on call to help on the stall because they aren't too busy yet.

Last night the library closed and I went along to the Samaritans to give them a Christmas card to thank them for being a lifeline to me. Then I wandered boredly in the direction of soup kitchen, I was quite surprised when I counted my money as I have more than I thought, so maybe I can stay in the bed and breakfast one extra night.
The lions club came and gave out Christmas parcels at soup kitchen, a big rectangualr gift wrapped box each, with a card, my box contained chocolates, pringles, toiletries, socks, gloves, scarf, hat - all good quality, a pair of leggings - great for when I wash my thermals, a pen and notepad, comb and toothbrush, a small torch and spare battery. All in all a good parcel. I put it on a ledge in my alleyway and hoped that the rats were away for Christmas.

It had stopped raining and was cloudy with a bitter cold wind, I settled down but the wind was biting me even in my blankets, I didn't expect the sudden drop in temperature as the sky rapidly cleared. I woke up cold at 1am, tucked up more snugly, but slept lightly in the freezing cold, instead of lying cozily in the bedding like yesterday I got up when my alarm went of at 6am and staggered into Christmas eve.

I bagged up my bedding and my Lions Club Christmas parcel and stashed them, and I bagged up my feather sleeping bag and sadly threw it away as it had got badly torn when it caught on something, as well as getting very wet in the weather.

Then it was time for tea hour, which started at 7.30 and only finished a few minutes ago, my friend bought me tea and a sausage roll, it is not too busy down there so I am 'on call' to go back if it gets busy. I have had a wash and my meds and I feel ok. Walking well.
Town is not too busy, today will be ok for me, I will go and help if needed and I will do some small shopping and possibly pop back to this vile cafe full of wierd men.
This afternoon I will go to the bed and breakfast and I will have some tinsel and maybe a minature tree for decoration, I will have food and drinks and television and showers and plenty of solitude, what more could I possibly want? I think that I am quite lucky this Christmas after all the bad Christmases, I am lucky, I am free from opression and fed. What more could I want? :) Apart from internet access without these creeps getting too close.

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