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Thursday, 8 February 2018


Good morning peeps,

Well yesterday I deep cleaned the cottage as the sun shone and the geese chased the ducks and honked at them. Then I handed the farm back to it's owners and tiredly made my way back to the flat.

I realized when I got to the flat that I felt really ill. My temperature went up suddenly and I was aching and itchy and tired.

And my back hurt, so much that it was hard to straighten up and walk, and my arm hurt as well.

I unpacked at the flat, but I was hungry and didn't have anything to cook and didn't have much money left.

I went to the shop and got a pizza, which is an easy and filling meal. I had that to eat and lay on the bed with a pillow for my back, and watched DVDs.

I felt a bit better, and as I browsed the internet, I realised that I could probably do a lot of the little assignments on the content writing site. So I made a start and did three, 100 words each and paying about £1 each which isn't much but at my speed and considering it builds up my experience and record of content writing, it seemed worth it. When I had done three I got a message saying that as I am a new writer, the site has to check these assignments before I continue.
This was annoying because all the work will be done by the time they check them, and in my instructions when I joined, I was told that they assess your work after 5 assignments, not 3.

Anyway, whether or not you understand that, I have made my first steps in content writing. Small steps.

Someone texted me, having seen my gardening adverts, but I had no credit to text back. So I thought it would wait until today after I have done some work for the care home.

Today I needed money for rent, petrol, £5 credit for the phone, and about £10 for a bill tomorrow.

I am fortunate to have good friends and was surprised when a friend emailed and said she had sent me some money.

I went out to see if there were any local delivery driving jobs last night, and came home not feeling too ill, and went to bed.
I had a restless night and woke too sleepy as it got light, I went to the loo and went back to bed, and slept in until nearly 10am!
I was dreaming too. I dreamed there was a funeral, someone at my church, and then I dreamed I met Bob Hill and Neil McMurray and they actually listened when I said that I couldn't cope with their coverage of my case as I was too traumatized.
It's funny, Neil didn't look like he did at the hospital.
We talked about my books as well, and there were ferries and planes and choppy seas.
It was nice that Bob was OK in my dream, although he didn't actually speak speak, but nonetheless was able to make his point in the conversation.

Anyway, I woke up feeling really ill again. I have had all the meds possible and am just about human again. I realised I cut my hand moving the duck house yesterday and my hand was infected.
I wonder if I got sick from that or something on the farm? I have disinfected the cut.

I am still tired and not great but also not in great pain, so I will go and do the care home. And I will get credit and text this new garden, there is plenty of work there apparently and the owner is ill.

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