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Monday, 26 February 2018


Good evening peeps,

I don't feel much like writing, the latest church of england attack has been a bit too much. But at the moment I have Bath and Wells landing on the blog like a demented grasshopper to see if and how much I am suffering so that they can gloat. Don't worry you fatherless people, I will bind your evil round your neck to choke you before I die.

Anyway, back to life. Even a few days off the blog makes it hard to remember anything.

I last blogged on Friday, and the church were already kicking off by then, Thursday they made a start.

I am sitting in bed, watching 'Are you being Served', I tried to watch more serious things like 'Cuckoo' and 'Seven Pounds' but Are you being Served is best for light background watching as I work on writing.

So, I have continued to work on building the writing business. I have taken a few exams, Blogging exams I passed of course, and Academic Writing, which I failed by a few points.

At the moment I am building up the writing, bidding for contracts, hard work and I am neither confident nor good at marketing myself as yet, after all, I am a manual labourer and have been all my adult life, and I have been told in no uncertain terms by the church that I am worthless. It isn't easy to suddenly be competing and having to present myself as high quality.

Anyway, I was tired on Saturday, didn't do any gardening, I headed for the care home but to be honest, it is so well tended now, there was little for me to do, I went and viewed the new garden, huge place, paddocks at the back, and an orchard, lots of work to do, but the type I like, not like the other place I viewed a few weeks ago.
So I start that tomorrow, weather depending, because it started snowing here earlier and is set to snow the week, especially Thursday. As if things weren't bad enough moneywise. I have a worry, and the worry is, I am on farm duties Thursday night, if it snows heavily, then there is no way I will get to the farm. My landlady is down in the village there for the week, and she doesn't think she will get to work. I had better start communicating with everyone about the snow and the week.
Damn. I like snow, love it, but right now I desperately need to work the week, I have the rent and a bill to pay on Tuesday and just not enough in reserve. March is supposed to bring the gardening season back in full, and if it wasn't for the snow I would break even by a hair.

I have been up early both weekend days but with flashbacks and trauma, and the church's vicious stupidity with their whitewashes and stupid press and media hasn't helped.
However, I have done extensive writing straight out of the flashbacks, which is one benefit when I can. Sometimes they fade into blank, so I don't remember them.
This morning I struggled to get out of flashbacks and get up, but I was at my desk by about 8.

I have been writing the nest of blogs that are to support my foundations as a freelance writer. And I have done lots of housework!
I did pass that assignment I handed in, so far so good. 100%.
I nearly took another one today, reasonable money for this kind of thing, but, a weighty assignment brief, not written by a native English speaker, and looking very tricky, and the same subject that I am ethically against, OK I can tell you as long as I don't discuss the content - gambling.
I didn't take it, again I worry that people will think I should because of the money, but on the other hand if I get into difficulties and can't turn out good work, I won't progress as a writer and I will be marked down.

I went to the care home earlier but it was bitter cold and snowing, so I didn't do much. My mate was there and we chatted. He used to be a gardener but he had several strokes, and now he hides out in his workshop out the back, he mends my tools when they need it and he likes to chat.

The snow is still light here, no snowmen yet.

I came home and just sat in bed, writing, and watching DVDs, all quiet.That's how to live.

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