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Friday, 16 February 2018


Good evening peeps,

I keep meaning to update and I keep wandering off. The day after London tends to be like that.

Yesterday I woke up from a reasonable night's sleep, helped on by 5HTP. I did have one nightmare, very vivid, that the police came here, surrounded the place and tried to get me.

I got up early yesterday morning and got on with what I could before I headed out.
The coach part of the London journey was difficult because of accidents on several roads, so I got a bit stressed, but there was plenty of time really.
It was a productive day, as usual, but stressful and tiring, and you know how I said about travelling in half term being stressful? Yes, it was, but I coped, earphones and neck collar, I was OK.

It looks like I have another extra London run in a few weeks :) Well that will make up for losing a few hours due to coach diversions and incidents. London is my lovely lady, I love to flirt with her, it has been a long term affair, but the passion never fades.

At about 7.30 last night, I was mooching past Victoria Station when my phone beeped, my landlady's daughter was staying over at the flat, so I told them I wouldn't be home until about midnight. Ha.
But the last thing I really wanted, was to come home tired, to find the house full of activity. Thankfully that didn't happen, she was asleep when I got in.

I was exhausted. I slept like I was dead. Hooray! Hey Eyupmeducks, maybe you can pray that I can have more trips to London, it cures insomnia as well as half killing me. By the way, I will write a special post for you soon, don't worry no names or identities, but I've been thinking about it.

Anyway, the alarm went at 6.30 and the first thing I saw was the golden glow of pre-sunrise over the sea. you see, where I sleep, the window in the corner looks out over the sea.
Anyway, up I got, glugged some tea, threw some work clothes on, and went to do farm duties.

I got to the farm, and to my horror, as well as a huge wild rabbit doing acrobatics in the paddock, there were two ducks.
I panicked, had a fox got in? Had the ducks got out? Why were there just two ducks sitting there, and then, to my relief, I realized they were wild ducks.
The ducks and geese were cheerful to see me and to see their grub and the pond and freedom and fresh air.
The hens didn't present me with any eggs. They don't like having to stay in the barn while there are avian flu precautions.

I had postponed the day's garden clearance work. When I was young I used to be stubborn and try to do everything but now older and wiser, I know the impact of the London journeys, so I postponed until Tuesday, so I have gardening on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.
And as things are going, I have content writing most days, but still on very low pay.
Today I actually got my first payment for content writing, you would laugh, but it is a start, and in my position I would say it is a step forward and there is a potential future in freelance writing, so I don't mind. I can get paid weekly for these small assignments, and so far they are all being accepted with positive feedback.

I have actually been working in my office while sitting in bed today, yes, recovering from London but actually working.
I have an art review article on the go, and I have been working very hard on the foundations of my freelance writing career while also resting and watching DVDs.
I have been applying, pitching, advertising, doing writing samples and grammar checks for companies who employ freelances. I have worked hard.

I did go out and do the shopping earlier, I had a £15 voucher for the supermarket, so I got the groceries with that.

At the weekend I will clean and sort out the car, load any gardening stuff I need for the week, finish cleaning the downstairs flat, and do the laundry and any housework needed here.

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