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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Good evening peeps,

Well I was surprised to wake this morning with almost no pain even after hard work and an hour long dental operation yesterday.
And I have continued to be surprised by the relative lack of pain, one side of my mouth feels funny and I have a mild chest infection and have been a bit tired and achy, but nothing worse.
When you are at the dentists, especially for a long appointment, you get various stuff going down your throat whether you like it or not, and my easophogus and co are not very good, so some of it gets into my lungs. Thankfully I have coughed most of it clear.

But anyway, relieved that the after effects are not too bad, but life is hard work right now, today it rained when I desparately needed to keep on top of my work and earn money, tomorrow looks similar, I am due to move on Saturday and I am nowhere near prepared, even with spending the rained off time trying to prepare. Well OK I have got a certain amount done, but not as much as I would like.

The rain seemed to be stopping at lunch, so I headed for work, for what would have been the second garden of the day, but as I got there, a massive rainshower occured and the people told me to postpone the garden until next week. Very annoying because my work is beginning to stack up now. So I grumped home to do some more, dithered miserably about actually going back out again as the rain stopped again, gave up and did the laundry and more preparation and also a load of paperwork, records and invoices, boring as hell.

Then the London incident broke into the news. Horrifying. When I was younger I was without emotion, I was locked into a dream world and the World Trade Centre attacks meant nothing to me, but now I get upset when horrible things happen. As you may remember when someone was murdered up the road a few months ago and I went rounding up my neighbours and making sure they weren't being murdered for days after that, well today I wanted to round everyone up and tuck them in a big duvet and keep them safe, but you can't do that really, just as you can't slap people on twitter who are making stupid comments.

Anyway. My thoughts are with those involved in the London violence, and remember, Terrorism is not the norm, it must never be the norm, just as child abuse must never be the norm, no matter how much it occurs or how badly.

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