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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tuesday night

Hey peeps,

Sorry for the lack of update, it has been a busy week so far, as I said.

I knew yesterday would be one of those days, I found it hard to wake up and I had a headache behind my eyes, so I knew.

The weather was not as forecast, it was strong wind and rain, just when we needed to get the mowing started on the estate, two weeks late already.

I didn't get there early to start the litterpick because I got up late and sleepy, my workmate was the same, but at least I got a parking space.

On the evening of my Birthday, someone had sent me a message about somewhere to live, not long term, just temporary, and it sounded good, so when they contacted me again while I was doing the litterpick, I arranged to view the place after work.

Then, despite the weather, we got on with the mowing, shivering as the freezing wind blew rain at us.

Then after half an hour, my workmate came over, looking gloomy, his mower had broken. He headed for the van to get something to repair it, then my mower broke! These are commercial mowers and have both been serviced recently. And as you probably remember, our boss is off work with injury, so it would be enough of a push to put a first cut on acres of grass in bad weather with just two of us!

So I went to tell my workmate my mower had broken, a different problem from his, so he gave me the wire to fix his mower while he tried to fix mine. I got his mower going and got on with the mowing but he couldn't fix my mower, and it had started so sweetly that morning, I thought it was too good to be true!
So we were down to the two of us and one mower, for the whole estate, first cut - which is always the longest and wettest, and in bad weather.
So he got the strimmer and strimmed as much as possible, and I mowed, I mowed acres and acres of grass, the weather calmed a bit by afternoon but we got so tired, and then two private customers on the estate who pay for us to do their garden wanted our services as well.
And then at the end of the day we had to load the ton bags of grass onto the boss's tipper truck, which we had there as well as the van.

After that I shot home to change and head to view this flat.

Yeah, I have a new home, for the moment, it is not available for a permanent let but peeps it is nice, and with safe parking for Max. Some idiot has hit Max's bumper, distressing but not severe.
I am moving on Saturday. My adoptive Mum was due to come over on Saturday but that is postponed, time with her and time with my mate are the unavoidably postponed Birthday celebrations which will have to wait for next week.

Anyway, so I came home after that, knackered and drifting, I had to go through my pain prevention routines because of the heavy work and stress, those commercial mowers are probably as close to the legal vibration limit as possible, and it can make me ill, especially working like that, but thankfully my muscles relaxed rather than seizing and I woke this morning completely relaxed, I did dream vaguely about Jersey and Philip Bailhache, he was ugly and grotesque in the dream and he may have been dead.

Anyway, it was time to fall sleepily out of bed into more hard work. I had messed my schedule around so that I could cover for the boss for half a day, and my workmate hadn't been able to fix the mower and hadn't had time to go and get my own personally owned mower from the lockup, so I was mowing vast swathes of ground with the one mower again while he strimmed, he doesn't like the ride on mower and getting it in and out of the van is tricky, so we were stuck with one push mower and the strimmer.

So, after a very hard half day, made more stressful by me being sent the wrong time for my dental appointment, I headed off, leaving my workmate to complete his full day there. It is beautiful there, it is an exclusive residential estate, I mentioned it last year, it is millionaire holiday homes with a private marina and very nice, but a lot of work. I may start posting photos of my work now that it is all so high quality and I have started to photograph it again.

I headed to assess yet another garden. Another very big garden, belonging to lovely people with a variety of dogs, cats, geese, ducks, chickens and yachts, yes it is right by the harbour and they own various boats, I am getting the high quality contracts now but all of them are very hard work.

And from there it was the dentist, for the correct time, and I had no idea that the dentist was going to take an hour, yes, an hour, and they got me to sign consent forms for the work. I am grateful to my wonderful dentist for doing his very best to salvage my ruined teeth, ruined by poor dentistry in the past, poor diet, and most of all, my severe teeth grinding problem.
Anyway, I survived the hour, and as yet I feel alright, well as alright as you do after extensive dental work when you have a poor jaw. It will be tomorrow that the heavy work and dentistry may catch up on me and make me poorly, and it looks like heavy rain in the morning, rotten luck when I have such a heavy work schedule and I am moving house on Saturday. I will not get all my work done this week. But the three gardens who may have to wait are all fine with that and flexible.

Anyway, so I have disinfectant, and salt water, and liquid anti-inflammatory that tastes like fire and drain cleaner, to try to prevent bad side effects from the dental surgery. Bleh.

My new home has a huge television, hmmm.


  1. Emma, sorry I have been missing your comments for months because blogger changed and wasn't updating me. I replied on last Friday's comment on Life after the Diocese. JJ

  2. Thank you - I am glad the dentist went OK.


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