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Friday, 24 March 2017


Good evening you peeps you,

It is nearly bed time because I am tired and aching all over, good ache, not illness ache.

Well I didn't blog yesterday, I was too busy.

Yesterday I woke to rain, and thus my work was delayed, but I was not rained off. As soon as the rain started dying out, I headed for work. I worked for my old lady on the cliff top for a few hours, the wind and sea howled and roared but didn't stop my work.

Then I went and did a briefer than usual stint at another house not far from there, I was rained off from them the previous day and I don't like to miss them out, there is so much to do there.

Then I headed for town and the bank, and onwards from there to my final garden of the day.

The final garden was one of the farms, no-one home but I knew what I was doing. I created a new border, weeded a herb bed and fought with vicious nettles, but most of all I fought with the wind which was really distressing my work this time.

I got home tired and aching, and started to fill the car with the first load for the move.
Then I went to bed, I had a troubled night despite being tired.

I got up early enough to go and get petrol before work.

Work turned out to be totally astounding.

I had a day's work booked at the other new farm/country estate, and I had packed myself a big lunch as I intended to work very hard as there is a lot to do, but things didn't turn out as planned.

I got there for my first day of gardening there, and found chaos.

The man was running late trying to get to the airport, and the lady was in a complete pickle in the sheep paddock, they are new to sheep keeping and it is their first lambing, and a ewe with a stuck lamb was running round the field, and the lady didn't know what to do, this was to be the very first lamb, and she couldn't catch the ewe, who had been in labour for some time.

'Have you any experience with lambing?' she asked.

'Yes' I replied, and vaulted the gate.

We got the ewe into the barn and I lambed her.

A ram lamb came first, he had a big head, no wonder he was stuck. Then a smaller ewe lamb came.

By the end of the morning, the folk there knew more about lambing and I was reminded of why I gave up lambing, iodene and amniotic fluid, ew. No, I don't mind it really.

Anyway, everyone was chuffed and taking photos and making a big fuss. To me it wasn't quite as amazing because I have worked with flocks of thousands, but it was still great.

Anyway, so lambing was another thing I never thought I would do again, but there I did, I lived to see the day, and they told me I am on call in case of any more trouble. I hope not, I am moving house.

So anyway, that took the morning, and I got started on the garden by lunchtime, way behind schedule, and I sat on the sweeping lawn, enjoying a hearty lunch and the glorious views as the sun came out and it felt good.
Time flew, it really did, what was meant to be a long hard day's gardening just didn't go as imagined, and soon it was time to drive home through the sunshine.

At home I had a shower and washed my work clothes and continued packing and loading the car, then I took the first load over to the new place.
The new place isn't available long term, but peeps it is nice, the big tv with all the channels is well luxurious. I have struggled here, I don't know if I mentioned it, but the new place is just special. I hope they will let me have it for 3 months, and that I can find something as nice long term.

I am very tired and achy, I must go to bed soon.

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