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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Good evening peeps,

Well yesterday evening I was watching Kickass 2, which I shouldn't as it is too violent as well as simply not having what Kickass had.
Originally I became a Kickass Fan because my friend in Jersey was adamant that I was a vigilante after I stopped a man from beating his girlfriend up in St. Helier when I was walking back to my friend's apartment with her after church. She phoned me when I was out mowing on the ride-on mower, and asked if I wanted to see a film. She said it was a film that was after my own heart, and it happened to be Kickass. After that we had to be Hit Girl and Big Daddy. Which may be why the church named me HG in their hate campaign against me. Because Hit Girl wears a badge saying 'HG' on it.
Anyway, I am sure you wanted to know all that.

So, I don't think it was Kickass that caused the nightmares, I was restless to sleep and didn't sleep well, and had terrible nightmares about the church and police and being locked up.

I woke this morning in a bit of a state, not as much of a state as Jersey is in, but a state nonetheless.

I got up and because things are complicated, I had to postpone today's work in order to get my redirection order sorted out and go to see the person I will be lodging with. The redirection order took a trip into town to bank money and a trip home to sort the order out online with my account, which is the quickest method.
I had the animals to do before I did anything else, and they were OK. One goose sitting on eggs and huffing at me when I checked she was alright.

Anyway, by the time everything was done it was afternoon, so I got on with writing work, and then did farm duties and got a load of logs for the burner, and started to sort out for tomorrow's work.

The church of england have omitted an ominous rumble, which, combined with last night's nightmare, doesn't bode well. Shut it, Bishfaces. Turn your mitres into boats, your dresses into sails and your crooks into prisons, or rather masts, and sail off down the Strait of Dover.

I got the washing done, and it had a few hours on the line, now it is drying by the fire, and there is plenty of wood. I am cooking supper and boiling fresh eggs for tomorrow's lunch.

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