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Friday, 2 March 2018


Good morning peeps,

Well the world has turned to ice this morning,

Crazy fools and desperate self-employed people have tried to drive in it, and there are abandoned vehicles and crashes.
No one has moved on our road, not yesterday evening, not today, indeed I seem to be the only living being in sight, I can hear my neighbour, he is obviously alive and well too.
Last night we had teenagers snowballing the flats and he went mad. I don't like being snowballed because it could do some damage, but it's no good paying them attention. Max was OK, which is what matters.

But the windblown ice was impressive last night, you could hear it hitting the house relentlessly.

I was tired and felt a bit ill, so I did meds and the heavy machine, and slept.
I slept though the night.
Woke up a bit achy at 7.30, to a very silent world, we are a quiet street, but no cars or people is very strange, it is all ice out there, as well as snow.

The three local news sites are updating well, there are no buses or services, no schools, nothing, everyone is advised, again, not to travel, yesterday's accidents were mainly needless. People should listen (she says almost smugly), yeah, I listened before I was told, because me and Max are too vulnerable.

Anyway, there is an appeal for 4 by 4 drivers to help get medical staff to the hospital, and apart from that, would everyone please see sense and not drive!

The internet went down and deleted half of this post, but here is the windblown ice turning the lounge windows frosty.

I had better ski down the hill and get teabags, and see if any of my neighbours need help as well. Running out of teabags is a dreadful thing, I couldn't leave them without.


  1. I'm glad you are safe and you listened to warnings!

    1. Thanks Emma, but what's with the high views of my blog from Jersey and Guernsey? Did the bastards launch another attack on me?

    2. Not as far as I am aware. Try not to worry

    3. Thanks Emma. Did you build a snowman?


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