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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sunday Morning 4am

Good morning peeps,

Well I woke at 3am and made a valiant effort to sleep. I was not sleeping though, nor was I having flashbacks or nightmares, I was simply awake. Not ideal, but it happens.

The wind was howling, and outside, the world had gone white.

I looked over at the farm, the range rover isn't there. Oh dear, I have no doubt the farm lady is alright, but simply couldn't get home, it is handy having a 4 by 4 in this weather, but she probably had to stop somewhere overnight.

I got up about 3.30 in the end, and am at the kitchen table. The local news sites don't have the snow blogs up yet, so I don't know whats happening, but I just walked down to the road, and either way, snow is on the road, so I have a feeling I won't get into town for church today. The gritters do grit this route, but obviously the snow has outwitted them.

I was thinking I left my gloves at home, but Max, with his impressive hat of snow, has a gardening box with gardening gloves in.

It is still snowing now. I went out the back door and there is snow falling in the lamplight and Max all covered in snow.

I only packed lightly for the weekend, I didn't bring saline, and my nose is stuffy, I can make saline but administering it is a different matter.

Believe it or not, those who never go anywhere without them, I have left my smartphone at home, I use a basic nokia for my work phone, due to breaking so many smartphones, and I only have my nokia, and no tablet, so getting photos is going to be more tricky. I was published on the snow blog last time, but I don't reckon I will be this time.

Yesterday I hadn't got much food, but thanks to friends, I had money in my account for the bills and to get some shopping. So I went to the supermarket in town, on Saturdays it is hard to get a parking space, but I did. I got a satisfying bag of shopping, and came home. It was lunchtime by then but I wasn't hungry. The weather was turning bad, high winds and light snow, and I postponed the garden I was due to assess, and got on with the job here that I was saving until Easter, cleaning out the whole of the hen barn.

Now that was quite a job, and the weather became blizzard conditions as I worked, nice to watch, but not nice to push barrows of straw to the field in.
While I worked, the man from the farm texted, he and his wife were on separate business trips, and he wanted me to do the animals if he was delayed by the weather.

The hens were holding an indignation meeting in the shelter in the orchard, because they wanted to be in the barn and I was in their way.
The straw hadn't been delivered, so I scattered a bale of hay at the end that they prefer, and it was all done, a nicely made bed for the hens.

I went indoors to warm up, even though I thought I would have to come back out. But the man from the farm got home early instead of late, and he did the animals.

I came in and there were loads of short reviews to do, and I did four before they were all snapped up. Do you know anyone who comes in from cleaning a barn and goes to work as a writer? It reminds me of that lovely costume drama, with Luke, the boy who the captain wanted to educate, but the lady made him work in the stable, which one was that?

I was tired last night, probably because I did the barn in one, I watched 'Madeleine' a few times and did odds and ends of work, and went to bed early.
I had trouble settling to sleep at all, and it was some time before I slept, I wasn't cold, I was bundled up and had the heating on 15, but I was restless despite being tired.

My friend who has been reviewing part of the book that I am working on as they want me to release it, has sent me a whole list of questions. She was supposed to be travelling today but I don't know what travel will be possible in this.

It's my Birthday Weekend, the Celandines, Gorse and Daffodils are in bloom, and there is thick snow.

The man filled the barn with small logs while I was cleaning the hen barn, so I can do a nice log fire today.

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