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Thursday, 1 March 2018


Good evening peeps,

Excuse me if the post seems a bit unenthusiastic. I had a terrible night last night, flashbacks and nightmares all night, I was up by 5am because I had a bad nightmare and woke suddenly and couldn't lie there having flashbacks.

So I was at my computer in the dark, with a cuppa, while the wind howled and raged, it was bowing the big windows in, it was so strong. I went down to the sea and it was raging, the landscape, the seascape were grimly awesome.

I got on with writing, and by 8am it was time for a shower and some coffee, and I started feeling human again as the flashbacks ebbed.

I simply wrote all morning while the wind raged and howled, but the expected snow made such a sluggish start that I contacted the farm at lunchtime in case they wanted me to go in. But they said no, they had it all under control, and good thing too, as that is when the heavy snow started again, and hasn't stopped.

The travel and closures and chaos here are quite extreme. The snow is covering the roads almost as fast as the gritters get round, loads of closures, a number of accidents, buses cancelled, etc.

The beach was frozen again, I know because I finally got finished with writing and went out. Walking up the road onto the seafront, the galeforce wind full of sand and snow really hit me, I have rarely known cold like that, it was like the winter of 2010 when the church had just destroyed me and left me homeless and I slept rough in these kinds of conditions. Funny to sit here and think of that, because I thought I would die out there, not from the cold but the church in liaison with the authorities hounding me, no change there, and no justice, hence the flashbacks and nightmares.

Anyway, I had a near miss because some idiot was trying to drive fast, would you believe it? On snowy roads, trying to accelerate as his car slid and skidded, it was one of those boy racer cars and he seemed willing to hit cars and pedestrians in order to get up speed, he may have been one of the crashes that has occurred.
I walked along the seafront and went into town, the supermarket was open and welcoming, no panic buying - see I told you our lot wouldn't! People were shopping, and mainly enjoying the snow as well, despite it now being evening and the wind blown snow being severe. And there was a comforting delivery lorry outside the shop, which was impressive considering the state of the roads.

As I told you Max is resting during this weather, I won't drive now until it is over. Our local roads up and down to the main roads, are not gritted, the main roads have had frantic gritting over and over, and if you look at them, you wouldn't believe it, the snow just comes back.
I just wave to the gritters and do thumbs up. Do you know what hours they work at times like this? It is impressive, as is the work of the emergency services right now, with a lot of people ignoring travel warning and a lot of mishaps.

I came home from my excursion without making a snowman, I will do that tomorrow, I was too tired. I did do some photography, but I am too tired to post any. It is all funny and quiet without cars at the moment, but the wind and cold and snow is making parents careful about letting children be out too long, so it is quieter than expected there too, some of them are sledding down the rec, but mainly older children. When the news says -13 it isn't joking, these are the termperatures I slept out in in 2010, the same, but they didn't have silly click words for it back then, the 'beast from the east?' why? This is coming over from the west, idiots.

Anyway, even though it will disrupt my sleep pattern even more, I am too tired to do anything but have an early night and hope for the best with sleep.

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