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Friday, 30 March 2018

Good Friday

Good Friday Morning peeps,

Well it is raining. As forecast.

The cross thing doesn't start yet though. I guess I am going.

Last night I went into town and I was surprised that the only church doing vigil was the Catholics, not surprised that it was the Catholics, as they take Holy Week very seriously and carry out all traditions. More surprised that no Anglicans or Evangelicals or Methodists were even doing a token meeting in the upper room.

The Sally Army were doing a meeting and meal but I really didn't want to join them and I was too late to join them.
I went in the Catholic Church, there was a Deacon and a few congregants quietly keeping vigil, I bet the bigger Catholic church had a lot more people, but it was nice and peaceful.
I stayed for an hour in peace and quiet.

It hasn't felt like Holy Week, with the churches seeming so muted, and just now as I write, the dustmen have just been by to do the bins, and they don't do bank holidays, especially not Good Friday. I am puzzled. Is Easter being phased out?

My landlord has been away overnight, so I am just peacefully on my own.
Last night I watched Airplane and then 'The Bodyguard'. I never realised how completely over the top and frothy The Bodyguard' is, it isn't a good film at all.

I had better catch up with Hollyoaks and find more films to watch.

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