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Thursday, 1 March 2018

The weather from here

Don't worry peeps,

I am not going to start drivelling about 'The Beast from the East'. As you know, I am not someone who latches onto click words, sentences or names, some bloggers, latch onto clicks and suckle them dry and you wonder how they can be so sad and narrow. The scare media rely on people to latch onto clicks and suckle, that is why fake flus are so popular and why the USA has a nut job as a president and the UK isn't doing much better, because the clicks are latched onto and suckled, making nothings and nobodies into big things. The UK turned that Catholic idiot into a click, which probably means he will be Prime Minister purely because of people's almost sexual fascination with his name, the way he looks and the things he says. It's a sad world.
Cynical me, but at least I am not a sheeple who wastes undeserved attention on idiots, thus helping them to gain power.

The situation is that we have the usual end of winter cold snap.
Let me just tell you the weather pattern, as an outdoors worker and former rough sleeper.
In October we get winds, storms, these are the autumn winds that take the leaves from the trees before the cold weather, but the Daily Express bleats about the Armageddon when they happen, and as with everything, tries to force deaths to be caused by them.

In December we have a cold patch, it's called winter.
In February, mid to late, we have the second cold patch.

In March, spring follows the cold patch.
In May, we have a heatwave and people go nuts about global warming, the Daily Express says it's an Armageddon.

In August we have another heatwave, and then the days start to shorten, at the end of August, and the cycle repeats.
Weather happens, it is nothing scary, people do die as a result, it does happen, it is nothing new either.

From here, the weather is a grey low cloud over the raging grey sea, the snow is in big flakes and blowing in a strong wind, the seagulls over the houses look like giant snowflakes.
Over in the gap, the yellow lights of a gritter lorry seem to be moving very slowly,
And it is bitter cold, -4.
I have my thermal vest on.

It is winter, it is beautiful, but it will be over soon. It is not the armageddon, end of the world or any click words, it happens every year. Some years there is more snow and some less, but we never have the snow that Scandinavia have, and do you hear them bleating silly clicks and panicking?

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