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Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday - let's talk about Guernsey

Good morning peeps,

Well yesterday I watched Hollyoaks and watched park of it again on +1.
I was tired so I actually did a ready roast chicken dinner, which was nice, and yes it had chicken.
Chicken and turkey are not so bad, no fat and much healthier than red meats, so it is best that if I break my vegetarian diet it is with chicken or turkey.

After lunch I watched Home Alone 2 and Back to the Future while I cleaned the flat and got some writing and studying done.

In the evening I was paid for distribution work, so I kicked Florence into a trot to the petrol station, Florence was low on petrol and tired.
After that I went down to the sea.
Then I got some shopping on the way home.

I am very happy that I am doing everything on Sunday that the narrow and petty old Church people would criticise me, although it means I will end up in hell with them?

I was so tired last night, I fell into bed and slept.

Unfortunately I had one of my recurring dreams, about Guernsey.
Funnily enough a load of Guernsey blog stats have come up through the night.
Presumably when Fisher went to Guernsey when the diocese no longer oversaw the Channel Islands, she was there to cook up trouble against me and do what presumably the Jersey Deanery were doing, trying to make out I had made complaints against the Lihous etc. Reality is, the Deanery and Diocese used the Lihous and Warrens and Honours to try to make me out to be a troublemaker, and my side was never heard.
The Church arer very dishonest like that.

Anyway, so I was dreaming about Guernsey, this awful recurring dream where I end up living there and the Lihous are there, I can't imagine them living in Guernsey and not being able to boast about Guernsey any more, but they never were short of things to boast about, so I am sure it is just fine.
 There is no danger whatsoever of me ever moving to Guernsey and even while I keep dreaming it is majorly pisses me off, because who would want to live on boast island and so close to the Lihou-Warren-Honour Family and their vanity and boasting and lack of integrity, they are Godless as hell and I have no idea why they go to church apart from that it is the Church of England, and the Church of England is there for people like them.

I remember when Jon Honor was a curate at Reading before being sent to the Channel Islands Clergy Bin. Jill was being hysterical and telling me how the Vicar at Woodley had thrown a glass of water in Jon's face because they didn't get on and they disagreed on something (I Baptise you!)  Anyway, Jill said that one of Jon's three children had been there and had been so upset at seeing a glass of water thrown in Jon's face that she thought she had better take this poor grandson on a skiiing holiday to help him recover.
So funny, firstly because as far as Jill was concerned it was all the vicar's fault and not Jon's and secondly because the idea of taking a child on a skiing holiday because he saw someone throw a glass of water in his Dad's face is ludicrous and hysterical, and my comments about how I should spend the rest of my life on a skiing holiday were met with blank confusion. And that was before the Church completely destroyed me, although they were damaging me horrifically through the Lihous and they certainly played a major part in destroying me.
Isn't it funny how the Church's 'safeguarding' focussed on publicly destroying me for my perceived mental illness while protecting the Lihous and their unChristian family and how Jill Lihou's mental illness and lack of boundaries harmed me.

Anyway, so I woke up feeling annoyed, and it was a cold and frosty morning, the sun rose very red into a clear sky that quickly clouded over, there was a thin frost on the car and I got the papers delivered early and quickly and am back at my desk and writing.
I am not going to Guernsey, I can't stand the smug little finance industry rock and I hate them viewing my blog.
Their Churches run by the Lihou-Honor-Warren family are teaching what is left of the believers on the island what the antiChrist looks like. Anyone like that family, who play a part in maligning and condemning someone to cover up wrongdoing, have no right to use the Name of Jesus or God, and He won't be pleased with them. No service they have done while involved in my case is valid, so they have invalidated whole congregations.
Why am I wasting writing on them anyway?
It is funny how they condemned me and illegally violated my privacy so much while also complaining to me about their family. Jill used to tell me about Phil and Heather's marriage problems and how the grand daughters were spoilt and selfish etc, she used to just come out with this stuff, and more, but I shouldn't be writing this on my daily blog, should I, have you noticed how bad dreams and nightmares make me come out with this stuff?

Today I am mainly writing and studying and this evening I should be delivery driving, but if there is any hassle at work, I will quit.

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