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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Sunday Night

Good evening peeps,

Happy Easter.

I am tired and in pain. But less pain than earlier.

The walk, as you know, head started on Good Friday, and I had a good 15 mile walk then, very steady, the weather was glorious, hard to believe it was going to change so much. I even got sun-burned.
 Then I went to work in the evening, so tired.
And work was mad, it has been all weekend, town is packed, nowhere to park, and the weather did turn bad.
Yesterday was the shorter walk. 7+ miles on easy terrain. And although bad weather was due, I got a head-start on the weather after doing my paper round and an extra round.
I finished the day's walk just as the wind picked up and the showers began.

I had enough energy when I got home to get three loads of washing done and clean the flat, which is unusual for the Great Walk, but usually the walk is long walking days and takes less time, this time I have to keep working in the evenings so it is more days and shorter walks. Well today's walk wasn't short or nice.

Anyway, last night I had a long shift at work and it was mad.
So with the clocks changing as well, and a night full of horrific flashbacks and terrors and nightmares, I woke this morning feeling tired and ill.

Medded up, I went and did the papers. Two rounds.
The shop gave me more Easter eggs, and my life was looking like a chocolate warehouse.
The walk today was through mud, rain, brambles, detours water, and anything else you can think of to hate.
But it has now reached the halfway mark. Approximately three days left of walking, and actually the next two days are the tricky ones. The walk divides into the easier and more domesticated first half, and the remote and toiletless part. I must keep up the tradition of making people giggle by mentioning she-wee's.
 But anyway, I have to work out how to get to and from start and finish points now, because it is very tricky indeed. I don't need to remind you that the person who would have helped with this is recently deceased, and continuing the walk without them hurts my heart. But it is my Last Great Walk, sad to say, because my leg has deteriorated and will not go on withstanding 70 mile madness like this.
Last year the walk was done in brilliant sunshine, with my friend waiting for me at the end of each day with a flask of tea for me. It hurts my heart.

Anyway, I got home from the walk in time to cook a swift but tasty Easter dinner. I have perfected my garlic and herb butter recipe and it was scrummy!
I had time for a quick sleep before washing, dressing in work clothes and going to work. I have just got home.

Wish me luck as I walk in galeforce winds out on the remote hills tomorrow, I am not delighted with the prospect but if you think about what the people I am doing this for go through, hey I would walk this every day for them if my leg didn't need stapling. I don't think people really get stapled. By the way, I did duck out of the biopsy, as you may have noticed, but I got a letter saying they will come round with nets and stun guns if I don't make the next appointment. Actually I literally had no money or means of getting to the hospital last time.
I feel like I need to be recycled, I am so messed up.

Anyway, so I have to hope for the best for the walk now, It is not a long walk tomorrow but I am going to drive out there and have to somehow get back to the car at the end of the day, fun fun, the following day is a longer walk and more tricky in getting home. Then the third day is the easy one and the finish.
And I am working every evening, which puts me under much more pressure with regards getting home.
At least I have the week off from the papers!

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