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Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Good evening peeps,

This nortyperson is very tired.

This morning at some unearthly hour when it was still slightly dark, I landed on terrible firma and tried to orientate myself in the rainy rain that wasn't forecast.
I managed to find my way to the centre, and the staff had fun sending me on a circuit of the building, cheerfully misdirecting me from one place to another, but I was OK.
In the end I was sitting for some time, but I was offered refreshments.

The needs assessment was very comprehensive, took two hours, but the recommendations were good.
I will get lots of well cool equipment that I could never afford to buy, and also some mentor and support help, if the recommendations are agreed with :)

It will take until the new year to get everything processed though.

Anyway, at last I staggered out of the building and made the journey back to where Florence P. Nortycar was sitting sleepily on the quay, watching the ferries.
Florence is a lucky car, because her best friend is going to carry out the work that is noted on the advisories. Apart from the tyres, which I will get done in the new year as they are only an advisory, to my surprise, and only the front tyres, they are starting to wear slightly at the sides.

I felt ill after the assessment, probably stress, but I had low blood sugar symptoms, so I took in some chocolate, it is much easier for my blood sugar to drop now because my diet is so strict, although as you may realise, I am not banned from chocolate, just meat and using cows milk in my tea etc.

My main meal these days is fish and rice, fish is expensive and rice is not :)

But anyway,  I still didn't feel well even after chocolate, so I came home, parked in my bed and had a cold and nightmare-filled sleep.

Mum was due to come over tomorrow but she has had to cancel as they have had a crisis there, so she hopes to come over next week. I hope I can be patient and leave the net curtains until then, Mum is going to do the cutting and measuring and things because I am so cackhanded at it all.

Anyway, it isn't such a bad thing that Mum has to wait until next week, as I have been too busy this week and I have an assignment already on extension, cut off date tomorrow noon, and I was so ill and tired this afternoon that sleep was essential.

I got up after about three hours of horror-filled cold sleep and showered, put my uniform on and went to work.
I have not long been home, I only did a short shift and I forgot to take a rice meal with me so I have had some cous cous when i got home, and now it is exhausted bed time.

The busy week is nearly done, just the assignment now, and work, and the heart scans, oh and I am so looking forward to meeting up with a special person before I go in for my scans :)

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