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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas eve

Good morning,

Well yesterday I had quite a stress free shopping trip on behalf of my friend who is disabled, he decided that he couldn't face the crowds, and I don't blame him, the supermarket was very busy, but I had no trouble shopping, and the staff were handing out chocolates and directing traffic.

So my friend and I have decided on the 28th as our day together and Christmas dinner, which I am cooking.

After that I have mainly been watching films and also watching the sea. The sea remains lively and fun, with big waves and foam.

This morning I fell out of my nightmares and hurried off to do the papers, the galeforce winds buffeting Florence and making her grumble, and the wind also trying to take my papers and round sheets. Stoopid wind.
There were more people out and about in the villages, Christmas eve is a busy day.

I came home via a last minute supermarket shop and a bit of time on the seafront, all set to shower, breakfast and head out to the celebrations in town via the seafront, but unfortunately the clear sky rapidly clouded and the wind remains strong as the rain lashes down, so the celebrations are likely to be called off or delayed until this afternoon.

So, I can watch tv and relax, or go out for those last minute gifts. I really am nearly done, it is just that I want to make up two gift bags and I feel I haven't got enough things yet.

The flat is clean and tidy and full of food. I am still old school, I still think everything closes for weeks at Christmas, even though I know we have a shop open on Christmas day a few miles away and everything else will open on boxing day, and someone paid for a full tank of petrol for Florence for Christmas.

Anyway, it is now holiday time from paper deliveries, two days off, and then a week of much later than usual starts, I have the list of papers times pinned to the door.
But I don't get much time off from my other work over Christmas, not that I mind, extra pay and tips all helps me.

So, this evening I go to work as normal, those of you who pray, please pray for my safety, because the roads are so dangerous on Christmas eve night. I remember years ago, setting out from my friend's Christmas party on Christmas eve night, I don't drink, as you know, but she said to me as I left 'be careful driving tonight, there will be drunk drivers' and she was right, I was nearly hit by a drunk driver, but I was being very careful as she had said, because I hadn't really thought of it before.
Does that make sense?
 Anyway, so I will be working tonight, and will go straight from work to midnight mass or a midnight service somewhere in or close to my work district.
Then I will have a lie in tomorrow, and I will go to my foster-church for the morning service before going to my friend's house for a very lively Christmas lunch in a house packed with people :) what fun!
 Boxing day, I guess you can guess where I will be?! :) of course, there is nowhere better than five mile road for a bracing walk in the galeforce wind and getting blown out to sea!
 And I can sleep and watch movies on boxing day, and then I am working in the evening!

I forgot to say, there was a sign on one of my delivery houses this morning that read: 'Dear Santa, I have been very good at being naughty, does that count?'
I texted that to my Mum to make her laugh, we are still laughing about the spaniel dream, I asked her what she is naming her spaniel. It seems it is called Cheeky...or was that me?

I am watching The Bear, as is traditional, and have finally found a decent copy of 'It came upon a Midnight Clear'.

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