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Saturday, 19 December 2015


Good morning peeps,

Well I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog.

Yesterday was a busy day, after I had done the papers I headed off to have my pre-Christmas visit to friends and drop off cards. I was very happy that I got several cards and tips from the paper rounds yesterday, it all helps.

I forgot to wear walking boots, which I should if I am really away from home, but I survived OK in shoes.
I met my Mum, she came to meet me at the Station and gave me my Christmas gifts, I made her laugh by telling her I was so tired that I wanted to lie down on the floor and have a snooze right there in the station, but she is well used to nortyness so she doesn't take any notice.

We had lunch and she wanted to take me shopping but we were both short of time, thankfully their health crisis problems have eased so they will have a better Christmas, but Mum seems quite worried for me with the situation with my friend dying and Christmas approaching. Well, there is nothing we can do about this sad situation, we will all just make the best of it.

Mum was also worried about my wages not coming through, well so was I but last night my employers subbed me most of the money in cash, because it is their payroll and clerk who are at fault.

Anyway, it was nice to finally be able to have the pre-Christmas meetups, however brief. Lovely to see everyone, God bless.

So, I had to head home, to collect my laundry, traffic meant it was too late to collect the tree, so that will be today, it is the 19th! And my tree still isn't here!

When I got home I did a fish and rice meal, delicious and filling, and then despite having told my employers that I wouldn't come to work until I got my wages, I scrambled into uniform and went to work. I am glad I did, I had a lovely evening.

My bosses do not handle the wages, the payroll clerk does, and she is elusive and had made numerous errors that stopped my pay, that haven't been resolved, so the bosses subbed me most of my wages in cash. Hallelujah!

Then as I headed out with a pile of delivery bags, a group of carol singers were warbling tunefully in the road and I have missed out on carol singing due to work, so I stopped for a minute andd sang with them with my arms full of delivery bags, they made me most welcome, but my delivery work is on time limits so I couldn't stop long, but that was fun.

And a few deliveries later, I rang a doorbell to drop a delivery off, and the lady who came to the door was followed by a little girl with a kitten in her arms, I asked if I could stroke the kitten and they were very happy, they went and got their other kitten and their cat, the mother of the kits, apparentlyshe had got out and thus produced a litter, and they had just rehomed the rest and were keeping two, but they said the mother had got out again, so they said I can have a kitten if there is another litter :) That was nice.

And on it went. I picked up my delivery cards and did a double take at the instructions, but the drivers and managers were all busy, so off I went, and duly followed the instructions :)
The card read 'knock on the door to the tune of the Eastenders theme' .
I duly did as instucted, and howls of laughter erupted from behind the door.
The door open and a load of people burst out, all laughing hysterically, so I was too.
Apparently I am a 'legend'.
The Christmas spirit is alive and kicking. Or maybe there was a different kind of spirit being consumed there!
I will cherish that.

And it was mad at work as well, all banter and  giggles.

And I didn't have to work late either. So that was OK.

I have been having nightmares again recently but I am also sleeping reasonably well.

I woke this morning, crawled out of bed feeling tired, and got to the shop about five minutes later than my usual 6.30, but it doesn't matter so much at the weekend.

Unfortunately for me, the boss had sent a text to my mobile that doesn't work, instead of the temporary mobile, so I hadn't got the message, the shop have my temporary mobile number, but he forgot. So the papers were late and I could have stayed in bed a bit longer.
So, I went down to the sea and watched the long low waves roll to the sea wall in the dark while they sorted my rounds out.
Then I went and did the papers.
So many more people out and about later and with people going away for Christmas, I am used to utter solitude out in the villages.

Anyway, the sea was roaring loud enough to be heard in the village as the red sunrise lit the broken cloud, so I headed back via the sea, the sea was now doing perfect fluffy artist-canvas waves against the now orange sunrise.
Then I stopped at the shop to drop off a bill payment, and the boss was about to go and do a round because someone is away, so I did half that round for him, it is my old round, but it has changed a lot because our shop took on the rounds from another shop. I didn't know that as the rural routes haven't been affected by that, only the town routes. I am glad I do the rural routes, Florence hates the stop-start of the town routes, I think that's why she blew her head gasket before.

So now I am home, I am going to shower and then go and start the shopping!!! At last!

I am on medicated eye drops as my right eye was really bad, it burst a blister of pus but still didn't clear and was just running with infection, so the eye drops are really good and it is beginning to clear. It is funny because my latest DVD of the day is 'Angela's Ashes' and there is that bit where Frank has really bad conjunctivitis and he has to go to the hospital and have eye drops and he shrieks when the eye drops are done. My eye drops sting bad too :(

I am just waiting for one more university result, so far despite two months of disruption due to the States and deanery of Jersey, I have got 73 and ?60 as my grades, I will check and correct the second mark later as I can't remember.
 Happy Christmas, term is over! And my Mum is very pleased with my results.


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