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Monday, 14 December 2015


Good evening peeps,

Well I really don't like the increased stats on the blog searching for Fisher and Dakin, whatever they are doing to hurt me, it is at the wrong time with Christmas approaching and my friend approaching the end of her life at the same time.
The blog is usually quiet over the weekend, and when it stats high, I assume the Church Rag paper are attacking me or the diocese or deanery have forgotten what Christianity is again, as if they ever remembered.

Anyway, back to my diary.
This morning I struggled to wake, due to my phone being out of order so no alarms from the phone.
I tried to set the clock radio but it decided to make a racket in the middle of the night, so I unplugged it.

I did the papers, and was surprised and delighted to get Christmas cards and tips from customers.
Then I went to the gym on the way home.

Then I came home and was mainly working on assignments.
Nearly done.
I hope to be done by tomorrow evening's shift, then after the shift I will have no work and no uni work for a few days, apart from the final tutorial, so I would like a pre-Christmas visit to old friends.

Anyway, so in the afternoon my landlady called round briefly.
Then I went and did the cleaning for my friend. She continues to deteriorate and she is very frustrated by it.

I did a few hours of cleaning, and then one of the family who I hadn't met before, stopped to talk to me, it was as if he had read my thoughts and my turmoil about Christmas and how ill my friend is.
He said the best thing I could do was do as my friend wishes and be there for Christmas if she is there...and if she isn't, then they wont be having Christmas anyway.
Pretty much what I had thought, but the rest of the family are always rushing around so they have never thought to stop and talk things through with me. You see I remember Anne inviting me for Christmas when she was battling cancer and I remember the nasty snidey things that were said about me by certain people for accepting, so I felt unsure about Christmas, but I want my friend to have what she wants, and she wants me to be there, she is so ill she can hardly stand and yet she still wants to look after me. It makes me sad.
It is shocking to think that even in two weeks, she may be gone, either in hospital, although I am sure she would rather be at home and just drift peacefully away, or she may simply do just that.
In my mind though, she isn't gone yet, and I have a feeling she may have another month, or even two.
She isn't at the sleeping all the time stage, but she says she feels so weak and it frustrates her, her memory isn't as clear as it used to be, and she looks so tired.
It has been a sudden and very swift illness and no-one saw it coming, whereas Anne lived five years from diagnosis but was estranged from me by Jane Fisher's vicious slander and cover-up when she died.
Unfortunately my friend's illness now keeps causing flashbacks to that and I kind of almost expect the diocese to come back in and estrange us.
But she firmly told me what time to be there on Christmas day :)
I will attend the midnight service on Christmas eve after work, as I will probably work until 11pm that night, and  then I will attend the morning service on Christmas day wiv me pals, and then I will go to my friends.
After that, I may actually rest and watch television? :)

Anyway, I got to work early this evening and helped with boxes and work was slow, I only did a short shift, and am home pretending to work on my assignments before bed.

I nearly have a first draft for the bigger assignment and I do have a first draft for the smaller one.
Tomorrow I have papers, gym and haircut first thing, then I have the day to finish my assignments, work starts later in the evening and then I am off work for a few days.

The weather is rain but very little wind for once.

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