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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Good lunchtime,

Well I had flashbacks and nightmares and distresses in the night and I was glad to wake up.

I got to the shop for about 6.45 because the list said 7am for the papers and I know better.
I wasn't supposed to be doing extra rounds today, but when I stopped back to the shop with bill payments, my old round hadn't been done, the lad hadn't come back from holiday when he said he would, so I had to do that round as well :( and the weather was wild.
I had been due to go to the gym, so I got there late.

Due to me getting to the gym late and the new years resolutioners starting their invasion early, the gym was quite busy and the instructors were too busy to check my blood pressure before I trained, so I asked if I could train anyway as my blood pressure has not been dangerous recently.

They said yes, and so I was struggling to get near the machines in the gym as it was so busy.
Then when I was busily doing what the instructors frown upon, 100 reps of 22.5 on the lateral pulldown, a fight broke out.

I didn't see how it started, but I get most dismayed when people beat each other up when I am peacefully overdoing my workout, this caused me to put too much energy into my workout altogether.
These two guys ended up chasing each other round the gym, rolling on the floor and thumping each other, while astonished gym users looked on.
It became obvious that one of these guys was out of his face on something, and had taken offence, and he was really aggressive, he got removed, and I think the police were called.
 But it upset everyone, especially some of the new years resolutioners, one girl went to the locker room and said she was scared to come out of there.

Anyway, I came home and got started on the bills. Council tax, tv licence, rent, credit card, and doing my sums, I don't have much money, but if I am pro-active and do the best I can to budget and work things out, even though my finances remain uncertain, I hope to survive.

Then I took the washing over to the laundry.

My lunch today was a variation on my usual fish and rice, I added crisps and cashews, because I need to use up the Christmas food, none of which I am normally allowed, and I have put on a few pounds in weight over Christmas.

I can feel the lactic acid in my muscles from this morning's workout :(

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