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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tuesday morning

Good morning,

Well I am feeling tired and busy and rushed.
I dunno why, as I have a free day until work this evening.

Wow, it is hard to focus and think of what to write.

I have been having flashbacks for days, which doesn't help.

Yesterday I was probably being too energetic. When I got home from the papers, I decided that now was the time to take the curtains down and get them to the laundry. The curtains have been increasingly growing brown dust on the top, which is not good for my lungs, so I climbed up and took them down and wiped the dust off the curtain rails.
These curtains were here when I got here and I can't afford new ones as they are long and wide due to the big bay window. They were dirty though so it was high time for a wash.
So I took the curtains and a load of other washing over to the laundry. They should be ready for collection this morning.

Then I went and posted a letter to HMRC by next day delivery, expensive but it should have been done before. OOPS! :) The post office wasn't very busy, neither was town. I did a bit of shopping.
So the day started busy.

I went on to start cleaning the flat, which gets in a state too easily.

Then I went to clean my friend's house. I was pleased to see that she has rallied a bit, and was trying to help me clean the house with some protest from me and her family :) she never changes! :)
But she did get tired and had to go to bed and rest.
 But she is undoubtedly going to be OK for Christmas, so that is good.
What I was doing yesterday was effectively preparing the house for Christmas day, with a bit of help from the family.
 And it does look nice now.

Anyway, after that, I came home, sorted myself out, and went to my health, diet and fitness club. My weight loss has been good. They were having a delicious healthy party but I decided not to stay.
I am not really in party mood this year. My work unxpectedly invited me to the works Christmas party, but they have split the party into two over Wednesday and Thursday, and I am working shift on Thursday and the Wednesday party is mainly from the other group so I don't know them and I definitely need to rest on my night off!
 Not that I am being a party pooper, but the events of the previous few months has left me very drained.

Anyway, so last night I came home to finish decorating and cleaning the flat, it all looks good now.
I watched Hollyoaks and also Nativity2 again!

I was so tired I was asleep as soon as I lay down, and I am still very tired.
This morning I crawled out of bed to do the papers.
For the third day in a row, the car dashboard of the car looked like an office desk, with piles of customer bill payments, cards and tips.
Customers can pay bills by direct debit, cash or cheque, and they often leave the bills out for me in the quiet village and farm dark, tucked into letterboxes and porches, in plastic bags and weighed down.
But this morning a lot of people were up early to greet me, as the howling gale made leaving anything outside risky.

The gale is still howling, so I am going to go down to the sea, and then collect my laundry, then I may sleep for a few hours, or just doze and watch Raymond Briggs 'Father Christmas' which is my DVD of the day. Later I will swap for Nativity 3, which I haven't actually seen before.

The weather is grey, cold with galeforce winds. The sea has been lovely, wintry and stormy recently, not boring, like it was for months.

I just went to the cafe and used some of my tips on a nice breakfast. Those of you who think I live on fish and rice these days! :)

I really need to look through the Christmas Radio Times and see what I am watching! I can barely focus.

Two more mornings to go, and then it is lie-in week, two mornings off from the papers, and then a week of late mornings. Cool!
Well I will be working over Christmas and probably doing some lates, so it is a good thing.

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