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Saturday, 12 December 2015


Good evening peeps,

Well my dental appointment went well yesterday.
Then I had a good shift in the evening at work.

This morning I woke up feeling awful, but I was supposed to be doing the rural distributor's round as well as my rounds, so I headed for the shop.
Florence P. Nortycar decided that this was the day to take up smoking, and seeing as she is old enough... No, it wasn't funny, suddenly she shot out a cloud of smoke, and then another further down the road, I got to the shop and told them that I didn't think the car was OK.

So they had to do my rounds and the rural distributor's round. Not funny at all, the rounds are worth more at the weekend too.

Anyway, I felt rubbish, so I came home, crawled into bed, and it was 10am before I woke again and had earnest discussions with the car's best friend while checking various things on the car.
The thing is, she was serviced less than a fortnight ago, and there were no advisories on the engine at all. So it was very odd.

Anyway, the smoke was grey, not white head gasket or black oil smoke, so it was all very odd, and seeing as everything was OK, we decided that the cold and damp may have caused it.
I panic about the car since the head gasket blew.

So, the car was OK when I took her for a drive, I forgot to take my gym card though, and there wasn't enough time to go home and get it before work.

Florence is a nortycar, she spits her stay catches out like Anna used to, I think it is a Peugeot thing. I wish she wouldn't do that in this endlessly windy weather though.

I went to the Christmas tree festival, and then I walked round to the second hand shop, they still had a Christmas tree for sale, and normally they ask a deposit to save things but they know me, so they didn't ask a deposit and when I selected some christmas decorations from their box of decorations for sale, they added some more decorations for free when I went to pay, and they are at such a good price anyway. Nice people. Second hand people are usually nice :) hm, double meaning?

So it looks like I will have a tree and decorations at least :)

I came home, showered, changed into uniform and went to work.

Work was OK, and I came home via the co-op, got some fish, coke zero, oranges, and cough medicine, and mixed them up for supper.
No, not really.

Miracle on 34th Street is the movie of the day at the moment.

And Jersey is the song of the day:

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