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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day morning

Good morning peeps,

Well I could have slept as long as I liked, but I woke naturally at 9am.

It is still windy, so five mile road will be awesome and I will have to be careful on the cliffs.

Yesterday was lovely.

I finished wrapping the gifts and went round to my friend's house.
She had got up at 5am for some reason and so she was already back in bed.
The family bustled me in to sit beside her and got me a coffee.
I gave her her gifts but I had to help her open them as she can't undo sellotape any more and my gift wrapping is really scatty and with sellotape.

Then she decided to get up again, and used me to lean on and we went and sat in the front room, the dining table had been moved to the front room and it was all set up and everything looked very festive.

We sat and talked while some of the family busily ran the kitchen, and the kitchen was all perfectly organised when I looked round the door, good team work and everything perfect.

Dinner was lovely, the food was perfect and we pulled crackers and read the jokes out and it was such fun.

After lunch some of us went for a walk with the dog. We didn't go down to the sea or the cliffs, where a lot of people would be, we walked along the old railway line, there weren't many people along there, especially as the wind remained strong and occasional rain fell, by the time we had walked back, it was getting dark and beginning to rain again.

But again it was helpful to walk with my friend's family because we could talk about her. We are all happy that she lived to see this Christmas and she rallied a bit for it, because we didn't know if she would live to see it, but she really wanted to and it was really special. They tell me she maybe has a month at most but it could happen any day.

When we got home, some of the family, including my friend, were asleep in the front room, with the little one playing with her 'Frozen' and 'Inside out' toys very quietly.
It was now half past five already, so we had tea and coffee and I waited for my friend to wake so I could say goodbye, and then I came home.
I was sent home with tubs of Christmas dinner and pudding as there was so much!

There was nothing fascinating on television so I went out again, drove down to the sea and sat for a while watching the waves foaming in the full moon.
Then I came home and settled to reading and watching television until bed time.

Today is a very lazy day, just walks and television and pure laziness, well actually the gym should be open so I may well go and be lazy there! :) when I can remember how to get dressed.

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