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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tuesday morning

Good morning,

Well last night I went along to social, expecting a teeth-grittingly boring time like last week.

But actually it turned out good.

Although the poor visiting speaker was having a bad night, he had been called out to an emergency, had rushed to get back, his laptop broke, he borrowed one for the slide show he was due to present to us,
He got lost coming to find us, and the laptop he borrowed would not work with the slides.
So by the time he arrived, one of our group had got up to tell a story in the meantime, and the poor speaker came rushing in, tried to set the slide show up, found that he couldn't and was of course quite embarrassed, but we are a friendly group, so he ended up talking to us without the aid of the computer.

And after the talk we had the usual tea and coffee, and I am pretty sure the speaker was the same guy who I wrote a good report on a few months ago, he came over to talk to me, and he knew my name and was very friendly and keen to chat. I wish my memory was better, I think I wrote about one of his talks before.

Anyway, I was offered lifts home or asked if I had a lift home, but I like the time after social for a gentle walk home along the sea shore.

It was a cold clear evening, with a big and lively spring tide and the moon out over the sea, and the hills clear against the dark sky, I enjoyed my walk and came home, fell into bed and slept soundly all night and woke a bit late this morning.

A glorious sunny morning greeted me. So I got dressed, had some fruit and biked along the front, the big and lively tide was in, and I biked back and went to coffee morning.
Coffee is held in the church hall these days, and it is too noisy and echo-ey for me, and the hall was hot today as well, but all my lovely friends were there, making too much of a fuss of me because I was still sleepy-headed and muddled.

Eventually I came home and suddenly it is grey and raining outdoors.

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