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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Saturday morning - moving day

Good morning peeps,

Well I am tired and disorientated.
Yesterday I had to cancel my gym assessment as I waited for the nice men to bring my fridge freezer.
The nice men came back with the most lovely slimline fridge freezer, which fits into the gap that the builders accidentally made too small for a normal fridge. Haha.

I continued with the move and clearing the old flat through yesterday evening, then I knocked myself out with 5HTP and slept until 5.20am this grey and rain-soaked morning and was on the bus with the first load at 6am.
The second load was out by 7.30, and I had a shower at the new house and put my rain soaked jumper in the tumble dryer.
Imagine! A tumble dryer!
The new flat is heated and even has a heated towel rail, very posh, but I have to get used to the heat and the other vast differences between the old and the new flats.

Third load done and dusted. I have just had to take my computer in for repair, and so I will be talking to you from the little machine for a while, and just to warn you that I will more intermittent as I complete the move and proceed with the Great Walk.

Anyway, the old flat is nearly empty and I must get on with cleaning, the departure time is around 2pm this afternoon when my friend collects me and my remaining furniture and goods.

This is gonna be hard, leaving the old place and trying to get used to the new place.

But, at least I have remained in my community, albeit at the other end of my community, and I have taken a decent clean safe home for the winter.

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