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Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday evening

Good evening,

Well I am nice and tired.

This morning I went to collect a parcel from the post office, then I went for a bike ride along the seafront, but a squall hit me along the seafront and I had to hide in a bus shelter.

Then I went to music group, and loads of people turned up and we had a lovely time, lots of laughter and coffee and music.

Then as time went on, I had to head on to get my swim done, I wasn't going to do gym because I was pushed for time, but after swimming, I decided to do a quick gym routine, and ended up doing my whole routine.

I got home with time to do my housework before going out.

Thankfully I had a shower at the gym so I was clean and deodorized and clean hair, ready to go out, so, seeing as I had eaten only two pieces of toast and a banana all day, I cooked a large dish of fish and rice, and while that was doing, I changed the linens, hoovered the flat, did the washing up, put everything away, wiped the surfaces, and generally had the flat spotless.
Then I ate my supper, dressed to go out, and just as I was using strong mouthwash to get rid of the fish smell, the minibus arrived to collect me.

I don't know how much I have blogged about disabled club, but I tend to go to their club nights about once a month.
The disabled club provide various activities, including club night.

Club night is a safe night out for vulnerable people, it provides, disco, DJ, dance floor, alcoholic and soft drinks from the bar, which you have to pay for, so it is like a normal night out except it is for disabled and vulnerable people, it is a safe night out, and it includes minibus transport if you book.
I would not be able to go on a normal night out, despite my ability to write, a normal weekend night out that so many people have is too risky and too bewildering for someone like me, so a safe night out every so often is lovely for me.

Usually my friend is there, as she was tonight, and she acts as a buddy for me because she is a lot more confident than me, so we sat and drank soft drinks and enjoyed the dance music. I like dance music, some people get up and dance and they have the time of their lives, which is lovely to see, because these people are marginalized so much in life, but at club nights they belong and can relax and enjoy themselves.

Club nights do't go on until late as a normal night out might, but generally finishes by 8.30 or 9pm, which is more than enough social for me, and tonight I decided to use the option of going home by bus, so I left at 7.30, went to the supermarket for things I might need over the weekend, got the bus and came back here, via a walk along the seafront, the tide was pouring in on the still strong winds and it was all wild and lovely, and the moon is out and fairly full, while the weather continues to alternate between clear and cold and heavy rain, with a fresh breeze all the while.

I am now sitting sleepily in my flat, reading the local paper and ready to settle to sleep.

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  1. Glad you had a good night and I hpe you sort a new flat out soo .