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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thursday evening

Good evening,

I seem to have been distracted from blogging.

Last night the moon was big in the cold clear sky, and I slept soundly, no nightmares, the previous night I had terrible nightmares about Jane Fisher and the police, and woke in flashbacks,

But I woke peaceful this morning and fried some cheerful bacon and eggs.

I headed for the drop in and sat there with my friends and revised and enjoyed the banter.

At midday I headed for lunch club.

The geography quiz was real but the lunch club was as hot and crowded as ever these days, and it was fish and chips, I got too overwhelmed and decided to leave and view the property early, the property is near the church so I just scooted up there.

The 'sea view apartment' was just a small square room with an ensuite, and it was by the communal front door for the four other rooms, and apparently there was a 30 year old who had his toddler son to stay a few nights a week, the kitchen was tiny and the fridge was already full from only two tenants now in residence. It looked hopeless noise and space wise, until he showed me some apartments in another block.

The other block was immediately more appealing, we went through a big kitchen and dining area, with washing and drying facilities for clothes, so much better than struggling to dry them on the line at this time of year, and the first apartment had it's own kitchen as well as bedroom, sitting room and ensuite, but is was out of my price range.

The second apartment was smaller but still with a small living area, big bedroom, ensuite, and a sink area where a fridge and kettle could go.

The third was similar but unfinished and yellow throughout, it was similar to the second one but I didn't like it nearly as much.

I have said I want the second apartment but I now have financial headaches, those of you who don't know, I have learning difficulties and cannot work money out very well, but if I take this apartment, I have to raise a deposit and two weeks rent, and the rent itself is higher than here, well the rent here is low considering the quality of accommodation, but the reasons I want this new place include the fact it is good quality, they will accept me, I will have space and privacy, good accommodation like that is scarce here, it is all council approved and newly refurbished and will not be condemned, it is in my area, near where I used to live up on the cliff, it is near one of my churches, and basically it is good and they accept me and I would be ok there.

I returned to the drop in and told them about it and had my lunch there.

I have had a frustrating trip to the council about housing benefit and allowance, because if I move, the amount of housing benefit I get remains the same, so there is quite a shortfall, but I lose my top up allowance, I have to re-apply, and there is no guaruntee I will get it awarded again, which would leave me very short of money because of the rent shortfall, grr.
By the time the council had wasted an hour, I only had 20 minutes for a swim too!

I swam, and then walked the bike down the high street, shopping boredly for food and wondering how I can keep the fresh fruit and meat lifestyle going if I lose half my money to rent, the wind was picking up galeforce, very strong, nearly 30mph, it is a roaring storm battering the town.

I have done turkey and homous for tea and I will go down to the sea briefly to enjoy the storm, and then I will stay home and watch movies.

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