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Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday -Test post from new home

Hi Peeps,

I am just testing the dongle and BT wifi.

So far the wifi is as hit and miss as usual! I have to wait for a phonecall before I test the dongle, but the mobile gets a good signal, so it should be fine. The mobile doesn't get a good signal at the flat I am leaving.

Well, I am tired, muddled and frantically trying to do everything and getting very little done, I think that is what happens when you move house.

I got here to the new house with a few bags of things, including a cup and spoon for tea.
I was told that the delivery men would arrive between midday and 4pm and would phone when they were within 30 minutes of arriving.

So I made my first cuppa in the new house, walked up the garden with it, and admired the view.
The other side of the garden wall, through the trees, is the park on the clifftop, and beyond that a grey and angry sea.
I am not allowed to jump over the wall to go to the park, I have to walk round to the footpath, but basically I am closer to the sea than the few minutes walk or cycle from the old flat, although this time it is the cliffs, not the beach, but of course I am so close to the path down to the beach, and so close to 'home' along the clifftops, and so close to my little church that the move doesn't make much difference really, I get to remain in my community and keep the bay that I love.

Anyway, I drank my cuppa, started unpacking, and eventually the furniture lorry arrived, they were nice people and they unloaded a microwave, bookcase, armchair, coffee table, chest of drawers, and some kitchen pots and pans and utensils.
I was pleased that they arrived so soon as I wanted to get on with other things. But sadly they had not brought the fridge, so they cheerfully told me they would be back with that, and so I am stuck here a bit longer, going mental because I want to get a lot of change of address paperwork in before the end of the day, especially as it is the end of the working week as well.

Anyway, so I am sitting here, after a third cuppa, and the post arrived, with the first ever letter to me at my new home.
It was from the council, about the furniture that has just arrived. Haha.

The sea is roaring, just as it does in town, and the wind is blowing the trees on the cliff.

The bookcase fits neatly into a little alcove, the armchair is a bit big and out of space in the tiny living room, the one from the old house would fit better. The coffee table is in the little living room.
The chest of drawers fits neatly in the built in cupboards in the bedroom, big built in cupboards, loads of room.

The apartment is split level, well, kind of, a step goes up to the living room and bathroom, and then there is a big bedroom and living area and kitchenette down the step.

The same council regulations that condemned my old home means that although I have a kitchenette, I am not allowed a toaster or an oven, I am allowed a fridge with freezer compartment, microwave and kettle, but for oven cooking and toast, I have to use a communal kitchen that I share with three other people out in the communal areas, but it is no trouble, I am next to the communal kitchen.
As long as I can store and prepare lots of fresh fruit, meat and fish, I don't mind.

This place is considered excellent by council regulations so it wont be condemned, but it changes life, and I do not see this as a lovely permenant home as I did with my old home. I will stay here for six months and seek a flat back in my old area when the spring comes and I return to work.

The other thing is, this place is warm, I am not used to heating and I am in my jumper and the house is warm. I will get used to it but I am not used to it yet, the heating at the old place is off forever because it has been condemned.

Because there is lots of empty space, I will bring some furniture from the old place, especially as that will settle me, and I wanted the table and chair here, and I am allowed to take what I like.

Time for another cuppa. I will cancel my gym assessment this afternoon, I am not really fit for it and I am simply too busy. I am having the equivelant of a relapse but the relapses do not get bad now.

This place really does need a television, the old place didn't, but this is a television kind of apartment.


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